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The Olympic Games and their Pets

In August 2012 the world’s eyes will be placed in London as take place the thirtieth Olympic Games of the modern era. In the same participate 10,500 athletes from 204 countries embracing thirty-nine disciplines. Beyond the sports, the Olympics are … Continue reading

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Wave of seismic events in South America

The region is influenced by the shock of the Nazca and South American plaques, plus several geological faults that cause minor earthquakes. Each year, the Nazca plaque moves over the South American plaque between eight to ten centimeters. Then the … Continue reading

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CAPTIVATE: lamp made with completely reused material

It is easy to see how disposable plastic waste that today they stand away in recent years, the sustained increase of PET containers, mainly from disposable bottles of oils, water,  alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. These containers are not likely … Continue reading

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Gulf of Mexico: Endemic Crocodile exceeds category of “Endangered Species”

The Morelet Crocodile or Mexican Crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii) is a species of small alligator distributed in the Gulf of Mexico and spread to Guatemala and Belize. It is named after the French naturalist Pierre Morelet (1809 – 1892), who scientifically … Continue reading

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Heavy metals also contaminate the Pilcomayo River

It has been many reports we have shown to the media and environmental organizations in South America in relation to the pollution and deterioration of the Pilcomayo River. Shared by Bolivia (31 percent), Argentina (25 percent) and Paraguay (44 percent) … Continue reading

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The Andean region: Key aspects on the pollution of Titicaca Lake, still waiting for solutions

The Titicaca lake is the largest water body located in the Central Andes at an average altitude of 3,812 meters above sea level between the territories of Bolivia and Peru. It has an area of 8,562 km ² of which … Continue reading

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