CAPTIVATE: lamp made with completely reused material

It is easy to see how disposable plastic waste that today they stand away in recent years, the sustained increase of PET containers, mainly from disposable bottles of oils, water,  alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

These containers are not likely to be assimilated back into nature, because its material takes approximately 180 years to degrade.

Given this reality, has established the recycling of such plastic products, which consisted basically in collecting them, clean them, sort them by type of material and fuse again to use as additional feedstock, alternative or substitute for the molding of other products.

In this way, humanity has found a suitable way to avoid contamination of products by its composition, materials or components, are not easy to dispose in a conventional manner.

But creativity generates other ways to reuse what is generally discarded.

An excellent example is the lamp Captivate made of reused PET bottles peaks    and caps. Allows different configurations, colors and effects to encourage the user participation and the emotional connection with the object.

Comes with 50 bottle caps, although to cover the lamp completely or to modify the color and pattern of light, the user can collect additional bottle caps.

Its designer Lucy Norman used  originally plastic bottles, because after an investigation found that only 5.5% of bottles are recycled and reused in few cases. This allows to design decorations with a message in favor of the environment and a call for reuse and recycling.

By Mariana Jaramillo Wong | ANCA24

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