About Us

ANCA24CanadaANCA24: The first news agency by environmentalists, ecologists and conservationists in the Americas.

The Americas now have, their own news agency of environmentalists, ecologists and conservationists, ANCA24. Founded by the Venezuelan NGO, Blue Environmentalists. We commenced operations on March 1, 2011, in honor of the World Day of Social Networks for Environmentalists.

ANCA24 is a nonprofit organization of professional journalists and others in the field of communications, that provides analysis and commentary by journalists and experts on the events and global processes that impact the sustainable environmental development of peoples and nations.

Articles in ANCA24 discuss the main events of the day and explain how and why these events unfold.

We do not have a national or political orientation, and we aspire to representation that maintains gender equality, ethnic diversity and inclusive geographic distribution.

Additionally, ANCA24 promotes a global communication strategy aimed at decision makers, civil society and the media nationally and internationally.

Our news service reaches the readership of ANCA24 via the Internet.

In addition to our core services in Spanish and English, we have a selection of news in other languages, including German and Italian. These services are available in our daily service information, Canal Azul 24 and Blue Channel 24.

Correspondents and editors of ANCA24 submit their articles to the regional publishing centers in Latin America (Maracaibo, Venezuela) and North America (Winnipeg, Canada).