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Why is justified to declare the territory of Essequibo Biological Corridor of the planet?

Because while in timeouts to the pronouncements of the territorial awards the Government of British Guyana, fragrant and defiant contempt of the Geneva agreements, which prohibited the mining or commercial activity of any kind in the territories on claim.

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Venezuela: Environmentalists marched demanding punishment for those who cut trees in Maracaibo

Propose to plant one million of bushes in Zulia. Protesters demanded that competent authorities be activated to prosecute environmental crimes. 10 environmentalists groups as well as environmental institutions of Zulia state marched to the headquarters of the Public Prosecutor, demanding … Continue reading

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The spider monkey, the most endangered primate in South America

In critically endangered. This lists the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the species of spider monkeys, Ateles hybridus, whose species is localized mainly in Colombia and Venezuela. The spider monkey, also called Coata, is the name given to … Continue reading

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