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For almost 70 years invasive species threatening biodiversity in Patagonia

According to specialists, along with pollution and climate change, invasive species are one of the most damaging challenges for our planet. Until a few decades ago, there were no beavers in Patagonia. That changed when 20 pairs of the tree-chewing … Continue reading

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Environmental concerns about the Nicaragua Canal

A China-backed mega proyect to cut a new canal across Central America threatens vital wildlife, wetlands and a Biosphere Reserve, warn experts. In a recent edition of the journal Nature, two prominent environmental scientists warn that the project threatens “environmental … Continue reading

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Today we spayed our cat, many need it

Gatata arrived in May. With her after the terrible drought, the rains came. Fragile, thin, so small but cheerful was adapted to the pack. She found a home. We already knew her since a month ago. She arrived to the … Continue reading

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First images of the highest waterfall in western Venezuela: The waterfall El Chorro de Rosario de Perija

These photographs are the first in Venezuela to disclose this important natural monument, will become one of the icons in Venezuela. The waterfall El Chorro de Rosario de Perija, with a free fall of water of 237 meters, is among … Continue reading

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Blue Environmentalists Foundation complaints DEFORESTATION up to 90% of the original mass of forest in Venezuela

At the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment – Zulia, a consensus of experts analyzed the factors that favor the extreme drought in the region. First, the deforestation for decades sustained a 90% loss of forest cover, place the Zulia … Continue reading

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Venezuela: Environmentalists marched demanding punishment for those who cut trees in Maracaibo

Propose to plant one million of bushes in Zulia. Protesters demanded that competent authorities be activated to prosecute environmental crimes. 10 environmentalists groups as well as environmental institutions of Zulia state marched to the headquarters of the Public Prosecutor, demanding … Continue reading

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