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August 10th World Day for the Protection of the Esequibo

On August 10th the international campaign starts: In the Esequibo #ExxonNO!! and thus it declared as the World Day for the Protection of the Esequibo. Hundreds of environmental and social organizations were convened by social networks to campaign starts Foundation … Continue reading

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Venezuelan Environmentalist proposes the creation of “Esequibo River Basin Biological Corridor”

Gustavo Carrasquel, Venezuelan environmentalist, author of the “Bioregions of America” and GEO6-UNEP consultant, requests the Venezuelan chancellery, to take into account the proposal for the creation of a binational Biological Corridor (Guyana and Venezuela) in the Basin Esequibo River, to … Continue reading

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Venezuela: 2015 Expedition Catatumbo Lightning, scientific success

Recently the Scientific Modeling Center of the University of Zulia (CMC-spanish-) made the expedition “2015 Catatumbo Lightning ” to study closer the first electricity generator stormy phenomenon of the Planet. The CMC is developing a monitoring system for the basin … Continue reading

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Caribbean and Mesoamerican Reefs confronting modern-day disturbances

Coral reefs are unique ecosystems which provide human communities with a suite of irreplaceable benefits. They feed millions of people worldwide, buffer harbors and shorelines from storm waves, restock fisheries by sheltering juvenile fish, and attract snorkeling and SCUBA-diving tourists … Continue reading

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Pollution shadows still threaten to Titicaca Lake

The tranquil waters of Lake Titicaca on the border between Bolivia and Peru were believed to be the birthplace of the human race by the ancient Incans. At 3,100 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level, is a popular tourist attraction … Continue reading

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The beast which tears through the Gran Chaco

Few ecosystems in the South American continent demand as much attention as the Amazon rainforest. But its little sister, the lesser-known Gran Chaco, certainly puts up a fight when it comes to grandeur. A geographic and cultural zone that includes … Continue reading

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