Today we spayed our cat, many need it

Gatata-7Gatata arrived in May. With her after the terrible drought, the rains came. Fragile, thin, so small but cheerful was adapted to the pack. She found a home.

We already knew her since a month ago. She arrived to the garden of my in-laws. There she spent several days without eating. Someone threw her away. My wife with her devotion and love fed her. She was very hungry.

At first via facebook and with quite funny pictures we try to give her in adoption. No one replied back. We made the decision to bring her to our pack Although initially, our dog Chacha grabbed her to the front of the house to throw her away, slowly Gatata prevailed. Today, I think they are inseparable.

Months after one night in the middle of Chikungunya (an illness I was going through) we were awakened by her call . A scream of terror rang. Finding her in the yard, a truly chilling scene received us. A huge and beautiful white cat was over Gatata. Both were in trance.

The pack made a scene and took care of the cat. Gatata spent two days curved, apparently with hip pain, very dazed.

The impression led me to consult Professor Parra Egilda with long experience in rescue, breeding and care of many dogs and cats.

Ms. Parra explained that male cats stallions in full moon nights, come to leave offspring. It’s just so strong the instinct it literally ‘rape’ up to puppies. Also, in this act the still very small females, trigger their ovulation.

After the “rape” she did not separate from me. We accompany our convalescence. She hit by a brutal act of nature, and I with the most terrible disease that I have never though I would suffer. With love we took care of her and promised that the “evil” cat would not make her suffer anymore. We do not criticize the cat for trying to preserve their species.

La manadaSo unawares one January morning, after the sandstorm, we took her to be spayed. Among rages and scratches we arrived at the extraordinary sterilization workday from the Nevado Mission at the Rafael Urdaneta Park of Maracaibo, Venezuela. There, we were welcomed by Daniel Suarez, and a team of the Mission and Collective Nevado Zulia who attended us with love that unfortunately few humans are able to demonstrate. I’ve only seen between dogs and cats, in photographs and videos of wildlife.

An extraordinary previous talk of veterinary Teresita Hernandez, with years to public service experience explained the importance of sterilization.

Sterilization is a key process in the care of an animal. Sterilize a pet is beneficial for overall health and wellness of it. It also prevents the procreation of many puppies that are abandoned or killed each year.

The lack of information available today on the sterilization of pets is a factor which, if corrected, could avoid euthanasia and abandonment of millions of dogs and cats each year.

According to the World Society for the Protection of Animals, (WSPA), a dog or cat with a reproductive life of six years can generate an offspring of sixty thousand new specimens, since half of the litters are female, to perpetuate the species and growth is exponential. To prevent thousands of dogs and cats die from over population, it is essential to understand sterilization as a way of life in pets.

The decision by early neutering / spaying a pet dog or cat, male or female, is a fact that positively affect their lives. Veterinary so determined along studies worldwide. This measure allows longer life and be healthy in significantly longer, compared to an unsterilized pet and allows controlling the existing population, avoiding overcrowding.

In every city I’ve gone I’ve seen the same drama worthy of a movie script animated Disney style. Thousands of dogs and cats on the streets. Many see the problem as if it were a plague.

Others as well as with their trash, just “thrown them away” every time the cat or dog breeds. Many are the abuse and premature deaths suffered by these defenseless beings.

Today I see the scar healing in Gatata sutures. I think at least around here we helped reduce both abandonment, suffering and overpopulation of dogs and cats. I know that there are thousands or millions that every night circumvent the hunger, cold and perhaps abuse and death, but at least the pack is at home.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA24

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