Blue Environmentalists Foundation complaints DEFORESTATION up to 90% of the original mass of forest in Venezuela

At the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment – Zulia, a consensus of experts analyzed the factors that favor the extreme drought in the region.

First, the deforestation for decades sustained a 90% loss of forest cover, place the Zulia region as the most impacted by uncontrolled logging.

Of course, with only 10% of forest cover is almost no absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other polluting gases that increase the greenhouse effect in the region.

Blue Environmentalists Foundation organized this meeting with Professor Miguel Pietrangeli along with his researches to support his complaint.

Studies, research, examinations and reports developed by specialists and scientists, and supported by satellite technology evidence us the dramatic loss of up to 90% of the original mass of forest in the last 100 years in Zulia state in western Venezuela.

For decades, communities, non-governmental, Teachers, Researchers, Environmental Organizations and State agencies have denounced the systematic DEFORESTATION as a result of ecocide practices.

“Millions of hectares deforested in Zulia state by livestock, mining, abrasive crops like taro, illegal logging and forest fires have destroyed our forest cover,” said Gustavo Carrasquel General Director of the Blue Environmentalists Foundation.

This devastation has dramatically decreased the absorption of CO2, increasing pollution levels, temperature and humidity, which has caused climate changes and atmospheric disorders in the region, which have been reflected in drastic droughts, storms and torrential rains.

“The involvement of watersheds decreasing the ability of our water is a clear indication of the magnitude of the problem caused by unsustainable human activity,” said Carrasquel.

In support of the allegations of the Zulia Unique State Authority for Environment, engineer Lenin Cardozo, with the scientific support of Miguel Pietrangeli, professor at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Zulia, who with a satellite research over a decade basis the complaint.

Miguel Pietrangeli, professor at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Zulia.

“The Blue Environmentalists Foundation calls for Environmental Care at the high rate of deforestation and suggests government efforts to support reforestation, but not only in river basins and peripheries urges restocking flora in urban centers.”

These concentrations of wildlife, serve as sources of medium-term absorption of pollutants into our atmosphere. The reduction of CO2 is saturating our thermal levels, causing warming and climate disorders, breaks the paradigm about the number of trees required per person.

A global scientific consensus states that the tendency to increase between 2 and 4 degrees in temperature, forces us to increase urban forest cover to mitigate atmospheric and generated disorders and to be able to breathe properly, it takes up 22 trees per person in large cities.

In Zulia state we have increased the greenhouse gas emissions (excess and obsolete fleet, power plants, petrochemical and fire) on par with the high levels of deforestation, creating favorable conditions for the increase of temperature conditions.

Source | Press Blue Environmentalists Foundation


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