Venezuela: Environmentalists marched demanding punishment for those who cut trees in Maracaibo

Propose to plant one million of bushes in Zulia. Protesters demanded that competent authorities be activated to prosecute environmental crimes.

10 environmentalists groups as well as environmental institutions of Zulia state marched to the headquarters of the Public Prosecutor, demanding to open an investigation and punish all those people who have been cutting down trees to build barricades.

In a peaceful protest, nature lovers delivered a letter to the Prosecutor with photos and videos of the damage that has been caused to Maracaibo since February 12th, regarding environmental heritage.

“500 trees have fallen short, and these figures come out from the collection of the barricades. They have destroyed entire landscaping and cut with chainsaw trees that had over 100 years, “explained the director of the Blue Environmentalists Foundation, Gustavo Carrasquel.

Carrasquel said that environmental education is essential, against unconsciousness citizen who has been cutting down trees and burning trash, not knowing the amount of toxins and pollution generated.


Environmental groups proposed to the state government institutions to reforest the State with the planting of one million trees, starting with the city of Maracaibo. The request was granted by the Secretary of Environment, Lenin Cardozo, who said the regional government will support the initiative.

“We declare ourselves life advocates, environmentalists and conservationists. The right to life is an act that only God has in his hands, so we are defending this city that has cost us so much, “he said.

Reported that the squares and parks have also been damaged by groups of people who say they are in a peaceful protest, nevertheless, broken sidewalks, curbs, monuments, traffic lights, also, they have ripped chairs from the squares and downed streetlights to prevent free transit through the streets and avenues of Maracaibo.

“There has been an ecocide in this city. There are dogs and cats killed or wound by gunshots in these protests, “said Cardozo.

By Yajaira Iglesias | ANCA24 | Images courtesy of

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