Venezuela: NGO gets the first record of a rescue center, rehabilitation, and reintegration of wildlife

unnamed-2The non profit Zulian Civil Partnership “Vida y Mar” got the 1st record of a Rescue Center, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Wildlife in Venezuela attached to the National System of Zoos, Aquariums and other collections of Wildlife.

Under the ex situ management of the Foundation of Zoological Parks and Aquariums (FUNPZA-in spanish) of the Ministry of Popular Power for the Environment (MPPA-in spanish). This achievement promotes the mission of this NGO in the framework of the development of strategies for the conservation of biodiversity, also promoting community empowerment towards conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in the state of Zulia.

In its first stage will attend Marine and Continental Turtles that are at risk, and as part of the commitment  of the Foundation to the environmental awareness of the population, will offer activities for Education, Training, Research and Communication, functioning also as Center assistance in major disasters and public health surveillance, source of information on research and epidemiology.


Currently, Vida y Mar Foundation is seeking sponsors for the development of the Center, and conducts various conservation projects, among which are: development of organic school gardens, community empowerment for sustainable socio-environmental management in the Caribbean insular coastal polygon northwest of Venezuela, World Beach Day, scientific research projects, training courses, school talks, Corporate and College workshops, promotion and dissemination projects, among others.

Source | Vida y Mar Foundation

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