Blue Environmentalists Foundation held another successful day at the World Beach Day

The campaign ” Weekend Clean up the World and World Beach Day 2013″, developed by the Blue Environmentalists Foundation for 24 years, was held on September 20th and 21st .

The twenty-fourth edition was developed in the context of environmental education campaign WITHOUT GARBAGE is better, that drives this foundation in response to the serious problem caused by the production and poor waste management.

Volunteers actively participated from the companies Enne Super Stores , Toyocan, Enplast, Inter, Albatros Recreation, Intercontinental Hotel Maracaibo and Crowne Plaza Maruma Maracaibo, accompanied by the University of Zulia, the Humanist Energy Forum, the CORE3, National Bolivarian Environmental Guard of Zulia, the State Police, the Municipal Police Maracaibo, the Scout Association of Venezuela, Ecological Network for Life, the Ecological Building Block, the Community of Captain Chico and Eco guides Brigade for the Mangrove Park “Land of Dreams “.

On Friday September 20th, in the morning hours, the Blue Environmentalists Foundation, as a member of “Clean Up the World” and the “Institute for Ocean Conservancy”, conducted a conference to participants from partner companies and general volunteer for the training in the collection, quantification and classification of solid waste and its impact on ecosystems. This activity took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Maracaibo.

On Saturday September 21st more than 500 volunteers went into action, participating in the World Beach Day which falls on global campaigns “Clean Up the World” and the “International Campaign of Coasts”. They have the endorsement of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Thanks to the creation of the Captain Chico Communal Building Block, a community effort with the advice of the Blue Environmentalists Foundation, where build blocks and tiles made ​​with shredded PET plastics.

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All these scraps were donated to the factory, which benefits the community in the construction of housing. In this way were recycled more than 100 kilos of PET plastic bottles, which did not end up in landfills.

Gustavo Carrasquel, CEO of Blue Environmentalists Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the great contribution made by volunteers from the Foundation and the participating companies.

“The Captain Chico community understands the urgent need to protect our biodiversity and safekeeping for future generations … The achievements of volunteers show that every day more people are concerned about the current status of marine and coastal ecosystems, severely affected by the increase of plastic waste pollution, “said Gustavo Carrasquel.

“Together we are fighting the problem of solid waste that accumulate on these beaches, as more than 80% of them are not generated by its inhabitants, but are dragged by the currents of the Maracaibo Lake. Volunteers collected, classified and inventoried debris found in the Mangrove Park “Land of Dreams” and met the objectives of the day “said Gustavo Carrasquel.

This activity is part of one of the global environmental campaigns of Community status more successful in Venezuela and the world, such as Clean Up the World” , and the International Campaign of Coasts of Ocean Conservancy, sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). In the same each year about 40 million volunteers from 150 countries, united in the common goal of protecting our environment.

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