Venezuela: “Before developing tourism project in La Tortuga , is necessary to restore the devastated area,” La Tortuga Foundation

isla-la-tortuga-venezuelaLa Tortuga Foundation asks the National Executive be incorporated into the Technical Committee that oversees tourism development plans of La Tortuga island.

Once again public, arbitrary policies without consensus, disrespect the work of scientists and conservationists who for years have preserved the spaces and natural habitats in Venezuela.

Alberto Boscari, president of La Tortuga Foundation, warns about the environmental impact, knowing the statements made by the Minister of Tourism, Andres Izarra, which states that according to instructions from the President, has planned to begin developing in an intense way the Venezuelan island territory, highlighting among others the Federal Unit La Tortuga island.

La Tortuga island belongs to Venezuela, being included within the Venezuelan Federal Dependencies. Located southern Caribbean Sea is part of an important ecoregion with high biodiversity.

La Tortuga Foundation warned in 2007 about the serious intervention and devastation that had been conducted in the southern sector of the island and found the destruction of Pliocene fossiliferous marls, plus of remains of pre-Columbian jars.

After the warning, came the cessation of work and the addition of two members of this NGO in an ad hoc Advisory Committee as representatives of experts board composed of various technicians and scientists of the Venezuelan community belonging to various institutions and organizations of high standing in our country, in order to provide a solid technical scientific basis for the benefit of the success and viability of the proposed project, as well as conservation and balance of important natural habitats and ecosystems of the island.

In 2008, the Standing Committee on Environment drafted the proposal of creation of the innominate figure “natural area of preservation” to the federal dependencies: La Tortuga island, Las Tortuguillas, Cayo Herradura and Los Palanquines, estimating that the protection they have is not adequate. however, La Tortuga Foundation unknown the current status of this proposal. so far they have not been called or consulted.

“The Federal Dependency La Tortuga Island is one of the low impacted environment that remains in the country, proving to be an area of ​​national bio strategic importance from the point of view of biodiversity, pristine landscaping and scientific research” said Boscari.

islatortuga2He added that it is necessary to interfere as little as possible, the delicate natural environments present.

He also said that his interaction with the Cariaco Pit forms a biodiverse group, pillar of the fishery throughout the eastern Venezuela and essential component of food security of the nation.

“It is our duty to preserve it for the benefit of present and future generations, so that the need to create a figure of legal protection that regulates its operation is indisputable.”

In a communication sent to the National Executive, the NGO requests are allowed to finish the technical and scientific studies, thus contributing to the conservation and protection of bio-ecological elements and natural-physical of the island in line with the highest interest of the nation.

The position of the environmental organization is the result of an extensive scientific research that has been done in this island, involving several Venezuelan institutions and organizations of very high prestige.

The Blue Environmentalists Foundation from Maracaibo-Venezuela, not only supports the claim of La Tortuga Foundation, also supports the truth and knowledge against decisions by the Venezuelan government that ignores the conservation work from experts and scientists.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA24 | Via La Tortuga Foundation

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