Venezuela: Blue Environmentalists Foundation warns about the serious environmental impact of waste disposal in Zulia state

azul-ambientalistas-sin-basura-es-mejorEnvironmentalists conduct a media tour in the region. Radio and television programs, as well as printed media, will be visited by the Blue Environmentalists Foundation executives, in the framework of its campaign “WITHOUT GARBAGE is better.”

Before the announcement and implementation of the Department of Environment of Zulia state, to dig a new hole in the collapsed garbage dump which serves three municipalities in the region without taking into account the environmental impact this will cause, environmentalists are calling for attention to this problem.

The Landfill “La Cienaga” located in the Municipality Jesús Enrique Lossada, has over 30 years of use, and since its inception has disrespected engineering and methodology, which turned it into an open pit dump.

According to the director of Blue Environmentalists Foundation, Gustavo Carrasquel, the lifetime of a landfill, where its meets the waste separation process, and only pour “organic waste”, is 20 years.

The garbage dump” la Cienaga “, besides of being collapsed, is saturated with toxic and polluting agents.” For 30 years we have poured batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and other debris, which release mercury and heavy metals, without any technical arrangement to avoid the terrible environmental damage they cause, “said Carrasquel.

“For 30 years we have allowed uncontrolled flow of leachate, with high toxic levels, without worrying about the pollution of the groundwater, also the air pollution with the usual and constant fires that take place in the landfill “denounced the environmentalist.

According to Professor Egno Chávez, Advisory Board member of Blue Environmentalists Foundation, “there is an arbitrary management in the public policies in reference to the serious problem of the garbage”.

Chávez pointed out that it is unknown the application of the “Integral Waste Law” which states the prohibition of waste disposal and solid waste in open pit dumps.


“It has not been established in the country, the National Integrated Waste Management, or applied environmental education programs as required by law” says the environmental consultant.

Meanwhile Gustavo Carrasquel, warns that in an area saturated with pollutants, to dig a new pit without the engineering required would cause greater environmental impact in the region.

“Besides the great abandonment and ecological damage we have caused, a new pit without the proper management will be a terrible mistake and in the near future we will suffer the consequences,” said Carrasquel.

Blue Environmentalists Foundation insists that should develop massified environmental educational programs ,oriented towards stop producing garbage, implementing the organic and inorganic waste separatation, generating debris that will be reusable or residues which will be raw materials for recycling chains or energy use.

Through successful experiences achieved with environmental education programs, such as ECO-school, ECO-business and ECOcommunity, Blue Environmentalists Foundation has made ​​significant progress in the education and training in the region, and provides their experiences through the ”WITHOUT GARBAGE, is better” Campaign, oriented to the no garbage production, generation and reuse of waste and residue recycle management .

“After 25 years of cleaning our shores in the campaign” World Day of the Beaches “, classifying and inventorying waste and solid waste, we created a database that gave us the correct orientation to present a proposal to environmental education about the problem of the garbage” explained Carrasquel.

Finally, the environmentalists urge the State (national, regional and municipal) to consider the proposal aimed at developing environmental education programs at all levels, and develop coherent and true investment community participation as the only answer and solution to the problem of garbage.

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