Venezuela: Wildfire affects the Canaima National Park


Estimate that the flames have consumed over a thousand hectares.

It was reported that a week ago, a fire started in the western area of Canaima National Park. Outbreaks of fire in the National Park have been extended until the Auyantepui.

Apparently, the work of extinguishing the fire was hampered because the National Parks Institute (Inparques-in spanish) does not have the air support for the mobilization of personnel. Also the drought and the strong winds hampered the work.

They say that in some places as the Well of Happiness or Ucaima the fire calms down and reborn.

The fires in the Canaima National Park have been extended until the Auyantepui, where the Angel falls is, the highest in the world.

Despite the intensity, the wildland firefighters who moved from last week to the western area of the fragile territory, have two days without fighting the fire due to the lack of air support.

The coordinator of the National Parks Institute (Inparques) in the western sector of Canaima and secretary of the Indian captaincy, Josval Simon said that on Sunday was not met with any work of extinction, as the helicopter with the Bambi Bucket system in the Region Integral Defense Guyana (REDI), retired on Sunday, while the aircraft of the company Corpoelec which provided support left on Saturday afternoon, because it ran out of authorized flying hours.

Simon said that the fires have increased by high temperatures and highlights by its magnitude those in the Avak sector, on the northern fringe of the Caroni River to the community of Las Bonitas, the Well of Happiness on the road to Angel Falls and Antavari.

The pilot Raul Arias flew this Monday the affected areas and watched another source of fire rising in Auyantepui, of great biodiversity.

“All the wildland firefighters are in Canaima but we have no air support and by canoe is required to mobilize a large logistics, plus there are guidelines that prohibit firefighters overnight in areas near fire for safety,” Simon said.

He reported that on Tuesday they will move to the Well of Happiness in several canoes at six in the morning to try with community volunteers make a firewall that allows stopping the spread of the flames in the Canaima National Park.

Explained that the study by the Civil Protection Department with global positioning systems (GPS ) allowed to determine that the fire has affected some 1,250 hectares.

“With the new outbreaks affected some 1,500 hectares overall in the city,” Simon said.

Meanwhile, tourism and ecological excursions to Angel Falls as well as the Orchid Island and the Well of Happiness, are restricted by drought, lack of navigability of rivers and fires.

“Wildland firefighters from the capital of the Republic, the same state of Bolivar and San Ignacio, will withdraw on Tuesday due to the lack of logistical support and because they approach the presidential elections scheduled for Sunday April 14,” he said.

He also highlighted that the fire and the thick smoke generated is causing respiratory problems in adults and children of Canaima.

520x250_Un-candelero-se-propaga-en-el-Parque-Nacional-Canaima_30250Irreparable Damages

On the impact of this situation, Rodolfo Castillo, biologist, who is executive director and president of the organization Bioparques reported that these fires cause damage for which recovery may take at least 50 years under favorable conditions.

“The soils in this area are poor, vegetation has little food and when burned they are vulnerable to the next rainfall, wind, and so their recovery in the best conditions, it could take 50 to 100 years,” he says.

On the performance of the state and its institutions, recommended that this should devote greater efforts to prevent and fight fires, as it is a biological loss “immeasurable and invaluable.”

Fire alters ecosystem dynamics, forests are seriously affected and although they may have a speedy recovery, sometimes never recover. I believe, and this time, they must have all efforts to address this problem because we are leaving valuable biodiversity to lose. “

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA24 | FROM | Venezuela News Agencies


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