Venezuela: NGO´s demand a new and better ordinance to protect animals

Venezuela-MaracaiboMore than 20 organizations submitted a series of proposals to the City Council, which is enforced the ban of bullfights, circuses with animals and other events not listed in the ordinance that intends to approve in the coming days.

Organizations pro animal rights and environmental activists recently gathered in Plaza Bolivar of Maracaibo for submission of proposals that have been working with the Ombudsman’s Office and the Ministry of Environment of Zulia State and the Environmental Ministry.

Among the organizations listed are AnimaNaturalis, Blue Environmentalists, Mangrove Group, Asodepa and Killing is not Art, which gave the proposals collected during several workshops, and in which is expressed the ban of events that cause any mistreatment of domestic and wild animals.

The protesters stressed “the ordinance passed on first debate by the city council has several flaws, which is why we require the chamber to include all the proposals made by this animalistic and environmentalist civil society, we need a free Maracaibo of animal abuse, a Maracaibo that has a Municipal shelter that meets the requirements necessary to serve the entire animal population of the municipality.”

On the other hand, Elio Rios, executive secretary of Environment Zulia, said that the ordinance which is discussed in the City Council of the Municipality of Maracaibo is inconsistent with animal protection, since it anywhere discusses the elimination of violent activities against animals.

“We will not let these ordinances that provide real protection for animals, where there are not bulls, donkeys, roosters,” he said.

“We support to all the environmental groups in relation to the no animal abuse, we don’t want that in Venezuela exists more bullfights, which worships death and violence,” concluded Ríos .

Rafael Peñaloza | ANCA24

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