Blue Environmentalists presents Campaign “without garbage is better”

ciudad ecologicaThe fundamental premise is the environmental education and infrastructure.

Blue Environmentalists Foundation, from Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela, presents a proposal to address the serious environmental problem is the uncontrolled production of garbage in Venezuela and Latin America.

As they explain the Garbage is the main environmental problem of Venezuela and Latin America, they have determined the studies carried out by environmentalists and environmental organizations for over a decade.

The World Health Organization, in 2010, determined that each person generates about 1.40 kg of garbage per day. Only in the last five years there has been an 40% increase of the production thereof worldwide.

The lack of public policies oriented towards environmental education and training with adequate infrastructure for the management of waste produced has resulted overall the collection and disposal system collapses.

The majority of the so-called “landfill”, even if they are built properly, end up in open pit garbage dumps.

It’s simple. While we produce garbage, no effort or “good intentions” will be enough to solve this serious problem. We must generate environmental education policies massified, with adequate infrastructure facility.

According to experts of Blue Environmentalists Foundation, “We must stop producing garbage. Generate waste through the separation of the organic and inorganic, with the proper classification of the waste according to the source, we can obtain reusable and recyclable waste.”

The Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon, said in the opening speech of the 66th session of the General Assembly, that “… among the five operational opportunities to shape the world, protecting the environment is crucial and only with education be able to produce a massive change in attitude for conservation, where schools are the starting point. “

That is why Blue Environmentalists Foundation try a simple objective proposal and urge governments to once and for all take shared responsibility to improve conditions and eliminate the terrible scourge of garbage production.

We invite everyone to visit our research and proposal to serve as a model because it is based on programs that have been very successful such as Eco-School, Eco-Business and Eco-Community, manifest the executives of this Venezuelan NGO .

To learn more of this proposal visit:

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA24

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