Blue Environmentalists: 100 Eco-Schools, 6 Eco-Company and 250 environmental promoters in 2012

IMG_4548The initiative that was born with many difficulties in early 2010, oriented toward environmental education, mass awareness and training on the main environmental problems of the west region of Venezuela, today shows results.

Thus begins a complex chain of actions and relationships where the Blue Environmentalists Foundation finds in the corporate sector support through the Enne Foundation, who support and fund the pilot program Eco-School.

As a blessing, the supervisor of the municipality school Maracaibo 1, Soraya Valdez, assumes with determination and decision to insert the program in three schools in charge . These schools, which belong to the emblematic parish Coquivacoa, north of the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela, receive the three training workshops and the methodology to develop it.

Six Steps, a symbology and varied activities, facing the major environmental problem in Venezuela, garbage. A simple language that educators were able to transmit hundreds of students.

With the slogan, “We must learn how to separate the garbage (organic and inorganic), generate debris and obtain residues to reuse and recycle .” Based on the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we plant the seed.

Results begin to bloom and three national schools are certified as Eco-School in 2011, with joy, a lot of creativity and colorful we celebrate the effort.

Containers to separate and to obtain debris, residues which showed a new world in the reuse and recycling. The Eco-code, murals and thousands of classroom projects which culminated by raising the green flag, showed us the magnitude of the program.

The mass campaign of 2011-2012 was endorsed by the then Director of the Zulia Educational Zone , sociologist Giovanni Villalobos, who urged all schools to implement the program in Zulia state .

455 Environmental Committees are conformed in the private and public Schools of the city of Maracaibo. Large auditoriums gave us the opportunity to provide information and training to more than 1,500 teachers. The enthusiasm was immediate, from early 2012 began celebrations for every Eco-School certified, up to 100 schools.

azul-ambientalistas-ecoescuelaTo encourage citizen and corporate participation the complement eco-company has been helpful, both in schools and in the recovery of natural areas. Today we have 250 environmental promoters who received training workshops for six months.

Thanks to these promoters we managed to move through the eco-company program, 800 people at the conference “World Beach Day and Clean Up the World” where were restructured one of the largest mangrove forests on the shores of Lake Maracaibo, the Park “land of Dreams “.


We invite you to visit our social and communicational network so you can see the testimony of the many activities that seek to be a reference in environmental activism.

Looking to 2013, our goal is to certify at least 100 other Eco-schools and increase the number of Eco-company towards massively train and sensitize communities about the serious problem of the garbage and the need for landfills with real infrastructure, Community facilities for waste collection and environmental education programs.

Gustavo Carrasquel | Director Blue Environmentalists Foundation | ANCA24 Canada 

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