The environmental policy agenda in Latin America ranges from the sublime to the inefficient, nothing transcendental

Is enough take a tour through the capitals from the Southern Cone to Mexico through the Caribbean, and only on the issue of waste management one realizes how political actors practically ignore the magnitude of the serious problem caused .

Product of the proliferation of inadequate dumps and pollution levels to the ecosystems we are causing , the patrimonial damage to our biodiversity is really worrying.

Most Latin American dignitaries, many of them with years in power, have not built a real landfill. With infrastructure and engineering to take advantage the resources that the “garbage” generates and no strategies aimed at environmental education, waste generation and much less reuse and recycling policies. Besides the lack of storage facilities for hazardous wastes as savers bulbs, loaded with mercury.

In Latin America only produces garbage. In order to generate waste is necessary the separation of the organic and the inorganic, the proper classification according to the origin of the waste to obtain recyclable residues.

Many Latin American countries are excessively consumerist, wasteful and banal, perhaps a product of rentier economies and States which subsidize to keep in ignorance their constituents. This leads us to major producers of garbage.

Dear readers, today there is no a government in Latin America that really are building a legacy to improve the major environmental concerns in their country.

Otherwise ask those who live in Patagonia (Chile-Argentina), often exposed to excessive levels of pollution and to the onslaught of the transnational predation . Those who live on one side of the Creek and its Heavy pollution in Buenos Aires.

To those who need the Uruguay River basin polluted by toxic waste. To those who can no longer swim in the polluted lake Paraguayan Ypacaraí. To the animals and natives displaced or killed in the Great Chaco region and the Amazon. To those who survive the Pilcomayo river resources, victim of dredging and mining pollution.

Let us ask, to whom now suffer from the pollution of Lake Titicaca, the neglect of Bolivia and Peru to the victims of illegal mining in Mother of God (Peru)to which Chevron does not want to compensate for polluting his beloved jungle in Ecuador. To whom daily give their lives in defense of the Amazon and Brazil faces to an irreverent Forest Code and which represents the dam “Belo Monte”, favoring businessmen.

To those who live in Bogota that impotent support its river pollution and mistreatment of its wetlands. To those who can do nothing against the deforestation caused to the Colombian jungles by the mining and drug trafficking. To the marine corals that become extinct on the islands of Rosario in Cartagena de Indias.

To the inhabitants of Maracaibo Lake that lack of treatment plants for wastewater and powerless contemplate each year as its estuary goes from green (for the Lemna) to black (oil leakage). To the neighbors who suffer from floods and pollution in the Valencia Lake and the Guaire River in Caracas . To the biodiversity damaged by oil in the Guarapiche River. To the animals and recent ethnic groups in the Venezuelan Amazon, killed by the “garimpeiros”.

Not left behind the deforested mangroves in Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. To the contaminated and eroded Mesoamerican coral reef. Let’s ask the Haitians and Dominicans for its deforestation and pollution of beaches and rivers. To all the Antilles by bleaching and destruction of corals, without the hotel and tourism industry takes responsibility.

To the hundreds of species affected and perhaps even thousands of dead that generates the greatest environmental disaster of the XXI century, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by British Petroleum, who by the way, after demonstrating ineffectiveness are hired by the Mexican state oil company as consultants.

To avoid being unfair is worth recognizing the efforts that perhaps thousands of municipal governments have developed to address environmental problems. But most without support or working with state agencies. Making the mistake of not giving participation to NGOs or Environmentalists, Ecologists and Conservationists Foundations, who have been the true apostles of this crusade.

Recognition of the Greater Antilles. To the Cuban scientists and their efforts to develop the Caribbean Biological Corridor, and that despite the lack of resources required by an “outdated” economic blockade that denied technology to protect the biodiversity of our Caribbean Sea. Ironically, they are in the vanguard.

Something that we should not put aside in this reflection, is the complicity or permissiveness of governments to the multinational Monsanto. Gradually the genetically modified marketing is penetrating the foundations of government . Monsanto as “Mercenary” makes of Latin America “his backyard” his “dump” and our leaders say nothing about .

Summits, meetings, come and go without achieve any results or binding commitments. The OEA, ALBA, CARICOM, Mercosur and the Summit in Rio de Janeiro; then one realizes that if you are aware of what is happening and nothing seems to draw attention to the heads of state at the imminent decline, perhaps in many irreversible cases in our biodiversity.

Surely the natural opponents in each case will defend or questioned these arguments. As a citizen of the Americas, exercising my right I just ask on behalf of the voiceless.

Demonstrate with works and appropriate public policies that are wrong.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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