Venezuela: sow the petroleum or bury the future

While it is visible the increasing reflection and action from environmentalists on the need to pollute less the planet and require clean energy, which really make this the new trends on the use and energy consumption are the developed countries and their industrial platforms and trade.

These nations are demonstrating the urgent need to change their energy systems, due to the increasingly less profitable and dependent use of fossil fuels and their derivatives.

Difficult is to sustain and plan economies, which are at the swing of increases and ever more reduced production of the oil countries.

In its vision of controllers countries, is vital to preserve their sense of independence and being conditioned to consumption of energy derived of petroleum is one of the urgent political agenda of these countries, which undoubtedly mark a new direction.

The decision is made, is a matter of time to change their current energy patterns. The energies such as solar, wind, tidal, biomass, among others, are up to now more immediate options being developed, certainly in the near future will appear more efficient sources, is a search that never ends.

In Venezuela, the phrase sow the petroleum, is a mandate that has an absolute effect.

Our status as oil country, compels us to explore the development of different energy sources, because who else than we to understand the fragile economic position of the country for being co-dependent of a single type of energy?.

It have already been made the first investments in renewable energy such as wind power however is not enough if it is thinking as a nation-state. Energetically we require a plan “B”. A national plan that safeguards our future generations.

The responsibility of those who today rule in the energy sector is crucial. We still have time to prepare and shield our leadership as a nation produces energy.

We are confident, which are working in that direction.

As when it takes an oath: “If it does so that the country reward it, if not to demand it.”

Lenin Cardozo, Venezuelan environmentalist | ANCA24

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