International Economic Diplomacy attack conservationists, assault Paul Watson

In an unusual use of the laws and international treaties, calls attention the recent arrest of the founder of the conservationist organization Sea Shepherd, Captain Paul Watson.

The Canadian captain, who was arrested in Germany because of a maritime incident with a ship of Costa Rica, was the victim of abuse that are committed in the name of “legality.”

The first thing that find curious is the allegation by the government of Costa Rica, since the prosecution is based on the alleged offense occurred when Watson, known for its campaigns against whaling in Antarctica by the Japanese, was filming in 2002 the documentary “Sharkwaters” about an illegal operation to remove shark fins in charge of the Costa Rican vessel “Varadero”.

“At that time the support and under the orders of Guatemalan authorities, Sea Shepherd instructed the ship’s crew Varadero to cease its activities and return to port to face the charges against him,” according to a statement release from the organization. “When escorting the Varadero to the port, the situation changed and a Guatemalan gunboat was sent to intercept the crew of Sea Shepherd’s ship.”

Then in an unexpected change of positions and versions, the crew of Varadero allegedly accused the conservationists of trying to kill them, but the organization found that had a video that discredits these claims and the prosecution did not transcend.

“To evade the Guatemalan armed ship, Sea Shepherd sailed to Costa Rica, where discovered other illegal activities to see thousands of shark fins dried on the roofs of industrial buildings,” said the note. For many the recent incident is known internationally for the killing of sharks at the Malpelo Island Sanctuary (Colombian Pacific), where it was demonstrated that the perpetrators of these acts were several Costa Rican illegal fishing boats that frequent these waters.

All this gives us an idea of the position of Costa Rica in front of an ecocide so questioned worldwide like the “shark finning”. It is no secret that as the marketing of whale meat, Japan is one of the major markets for such aberrant application (shark fins).

Doing some journalism and research we find than perhaps reveals the dark interests that promote the attack against Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd.

The accumulation of the amount of Japanese investment into Costa Rica from 1951 to 1997 was U.S. $ 79 million total, according to data released by published by Costa Rica Embassy in Japan.

We found that available data from the Costa Rican Central Bank show that Japan invested in Costa Rica U.S. $ 14.8 million during the years 1997 to 2010.

Recently released the news on how the International Cooperation Agency of Japan and its “noble intention” to provide up to $ 600 million to finance renewable energy projects primarily intended to 11 Central American and Caribbean countries, according to the BID.

According exposed the former Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy of Costa Rica, Laura Alfaro in 2010, “Japan has been a strategic partner of our country in priority areas like environment, with emphasis on climate change, promoting the industry through small businesses and control of life. ”

Clearly, dear readers, Costa Rica shows great complicity in the “dark intentions” of Japan. Is like to “think” about the “coincidence” of the arrest of Captain Paul Watson, at a time where again sets sail for Antarctica to hunt whales, a Japanese fleet in the name of “research” with the complicity of the “international diplomacy”.

Serve then the spread of these lines as a reflection and an instrument to express the truth. Our unconditional support to Captain Paul Watson and all the volunteer crew of Sea Shepherd fleet.

“The truth wins out by itself , the lie always needs complicity”.
Epictetus of Phrygia (50-135) Greco-Roman philosopher.

By Gustavo Carrasquel | Blue Environmentalists Foundation Director | ANCA24

*Sources Consulted (in spanish):

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Sharks, Drugs, Lies, and Corruption in Costa Rica
Commentary by Captain Paul Watson



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