Blue Environmentalists certifies 100 ECOSCHOOLS in Venezuela, 2011-2012 Campaign

In the framework of the World Environment Day, the Blue Environmentalists Foundation conducted the certification of 100  ECOSCHOOLS  in Venezuela of the year 2011-2012 school campaign.

The event was held in the auditorium of the Central Bank of Venezuela in Maracaibo. This activity was attended by Directors of the Foundation of Blue Environmentalists, Enne Foundation members, as a sponsor of the activity, representatives of the School Municipality  Maracaibo 1 and Maracaibo 5 of the Zulia State Educational Zone, as well as teachers and students of the ECOSCHOOLS to be certified.

In the day were projected videos which highlighted the environmental work performed by educational institutions throughout the current school year.

Further on, the certification of the 100 ECOSCHOOLS for the 2011-2012 school year was conducted   by the Licentiate Ms. Soraya Valdez, ECOSCHOOL Program Coordinator  of the  School Municipality Maracaibo 1 and the Licentiate Ms. Mayela  Barrientos, ECOSCHOOL Program Coordinator of the School Municipality  Maracaibo 5, who also performed the closing ceremony.

Gustavo Carrasquel, Director of the Blue Environmentalists Foundation and Program Coordinator, emphasized the historic milestone that represents this activity, without any governmental assistance put on show the organizational capacity of the NGOs and Private Enterprise, to develop environmental education programs.

The ECOSCHOOL Program connects the school experience based on an environmental reflection based in values, generating attitudes, abilities and skills necessary to actively participate in environmental conservation, with the implementation of ongoing actions and joint of the school and community. Articulating the collaboration and support of public and private entities.

“Currently the program enters its second phase, with the development of ”ECOSCHOOL in the Community “, the implementation of the “Ecological Handbook “and the creation of the Mangrove Community Park” Land of Dreams “as the first and unique ecological park, intended to be part of the field activities for schools, “said Gustavo Carrasquel.

This initiative is coordinated by the Blue Environmentalists Foundation and seeks to promote the school activities that benefit the environment and the local community where the school is located. It is a complement to formal education which aims to involve the entire school community, whether students, teachers, administrative staff, workers and the community at large.

Press Release Blue Environmentalists Foundation | ANCA24


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