In Venezuela two distinguished: Eco-School and Dreamland are met

The Magic of Faith. A field used surreptitiously as a garbage dump.

Flora and fauna cornered by “terrofagos” (thirsty for earth), that with impunity were deforesting or burning mangrove and filling its roots with construction debris, in order to enlarge the fences of their houses. The last lung-kidney most important of the Zulia State municipality : the mangroves of Maracaibo, western Venezuela, that was seriously injured by impunity and suddenly, a miracle happens: the community of that environment has decreed it “Community Park”.

“Land of Dreams” is the name of the most illustrious park in the city of Maracaibo. Because re-emerged as a phoenix from the ashes, debris and indifference.

The Eco-School program is moving towards its second phase, which leads students to understand the experience of their environment, to become sensitive with the flora and fauna associated with their environment. The meeting was inevitable and now rediscovered to “Land of Dreams.”

The children of Jesus Maria Portillo Eco-school from the town Santa Rosa de Agua, hypnotized by the tunnels of mangrove trees and wetlands, jumping between their natural canals of water flowing to the rhythm of the tides, climbing among the branches of red mangrove (Rizófora mangle) have discovered one of the most beautiful forests in the country. They saw birds, crabs, scary snakes and a special flora, which the Ecoguide of the park explained them with a lot of knowledge.

So it will find these two distinguished Venezuelans, that will contribute decisively to train men and women that will defend in the medium term with knowledge the spaces for everybody (human and nonhuman).

Some years ago when we came out, as Blue Environmentalist Foundation, with the proposal to create eco-schools, we walked a lot knocking on doors of schools so they could listen to us, very few doors that were opened, until we came to one that did heard us, as the same with the proposal for the Community Park “Land of Dreams”, without knowing us and with an act of faith, angels in the flesh decided to pay attention to us and join us.

Today, there are only in the Maracaibo municipality 250 Eco-Schools and it has the country’s first Community Park as a strategy to defend the erosion that suffers the national parks or green areas product of action of humans-large ants, land swallows.

Eco-School and Land of Dreams, distinguished environmentalists from my country.In good time!

Lenin Cardozo / Mariana Jaramillo | ANCA24

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