Community parks sole strategy to protect forests and green areas in Venezuela

In Latin America the proposal of the Community Councils have been running for several years in countries like Chile, Uruguay and Mexico, among others.

In Venezuela in 2006 is created the Community Councils Law and states that in each community should be a community council.

Where community is defined as: the conglomerate of over a hundred families that share a common history, work for a defined common well and share the same problematic of public services, health, transport,, water, sewers, sidewalks, asphalt, or public security; among others.

The environmental issue is covered within the policy of the community councils and is usually made ​​by a delegate or spokesman, who in most cases is seen as a symbolic representation to the compelling agenda of unsatisfied things.

Some of these Community Councils the central government has given resources to build homes, repair schools, paved streets, buying buses or water transportation, and an endless list of things, all under the premise of being a social project, previously approved by the community . That is, this municipal primary organization has a real administrative scope within its area.

Based on this premise, in the city of Maracaibo in the west of the country, the Blue Environmentalists Foundation elaborated a proposal of communal decree to give rank of Community Park to the 130 hectares of mangrove forest that progressively were being eroded by those who have deliberately been filling such wetlands in order to gain land for housing.

And in agreement between the Community Council from one of the ends of the town of Santa Rosa de Agua, called Captain Chicois created the first Community Park of Venezuela: “Land of Dreams.”

The proposal that each Community Council decrees its green areas as community parks, would be the most immediate action with mandatory status to stop the terrofagos (thirsty for land), who indiscriminately eat away the slopes of our national parks, wetlands or the less green areas that are left in the cities. With this measure, the community is those who commit themselves directly to defend these spaces.

We dare thus to provide a definition or a concept of what is or should be a Community Park: A green area adjacent to a community council or a consortium of Community Councils, which have legal community status and is created with the purpose of protecting and conserve its rich flora and fauna and yet be an opportunity for recreation and enjoyment, in harmony with nature, of those who inhabit that community or communities.

Let us give from now the welcome to the hundreds of community parks that Venezuela needs!

Lenin Cardozo | ANCA24

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