Without the environmental theme was developed the VI Summit of the Americas

The Summit of the Americas developed in Cartagena, focused on economic issues. The two giants of the continent, the U.S. and Brazil, polarized the scene.

The only thing that became clear is that Brazil seeks a free trade agreement like the one successfully lead the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

The environment, once again was not part of the agenda. Commercial development was placed as relevant. The immediacy of the presidential public efforts, the urgency of early victories in politics is what governs our continent.

Now the results are measured as soon as rose in the polls the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff or if Obama improved his image as a statesman, within the U.S. or event strengthens toward the presidential re-elections of both.

While news pictures and videos of the event go around the world showing ” the great sapiensa” of the participants of the Summit, the Americas remain submerged in determinant contingencies for its future .

Uncontrolled climate, today called the phenomena of La Nina and El Nino , are severely impacting the coast of South America and Central America, causing severe flooding, mudslides and hundreds of deaths on its path.

It’s a real problem afflicting the continent and the countries of the region are unprepared to face much less to give alerts for timely receipt of the population. Helpless and indifferent, so are our people and our politicians.

Child exploitation, specifically in Latin America, governs the destinies of nearly one million infants, divided among garbage dumps of its 11 thousand municipalities, the opencast mining, the exploitation of emeralds and gold. A serious scourge, which certainly does not give enough votes to stay in the regional power.

The drinking water, which more than one third of the population in the subcontinent do not have. The access to fresh water and sanitation is inadequate.

It is estimated that approximately 80 million people or 15% of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean lack access to improved water sources and 160 million or 28% have no access to proper sanitation. A structural problem, planning of services. Of course very long term results. Nothing attractive to those who make political race.

Deforestation of the 8 Amazonias. Europe, Middle East, Africa and much of Asia ate their forests.

What is the problem that America eats its forests?

We have no right? So Mr. Lula, Brazil’s former president, justifies the environmental holocaust that takes place in South America.

Will it be this way of managing the natural resources of his country the role model?

Dear readers what was my surprise when I check the agenda and the items on this important reunion of leaders from the Americas. Just take into consideration the “Natural Disasters”, only from the consequences and not lecturing about the causes.

Literally the thematic is as follows:

“This is a topic that many of our countries will always have something to add. Recent tragedies in the hemisphere and beyond this point to the urgent need to foster the creation of an appropriate culture of risk prevention and management, to strengthen national institutions called to act in cases of loss and to devise financial mechanisms to react with promptly and effectively and seek to support those affected. “

With that our leaders of the continent were pleased . Summits, but Wuthering Summits are the ones performing lately …

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA24

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