Murderers in series of the nature

Plastic bags. The trash bag finally arrived at the dump or sanitary landfill and the children who work there come running to catch it and play around with it.

kicking it like a soccer ball, until they finally break the bag and then as if it were a pinata of a children’s party pounce on it and scrutinize looking for some hidden treasure.

Rotate the bag, the wind drags it and already in pieces is caught by the branch of one of the few remaining trees around the landfill. The wind force is cracking until it is transformed into small strips detaching and these end up in adjacent land.

The lizard starving by the lack of vegetation in the area, see the plastic strip off a glow when sunlight reflect and with caution approaches in microseconds and swallows it. After a few minutes it feels the painful seizures stomach that produces the plastic inside its body and dying starts to shiver involuntarily.

In the distance the Cari Cari hawk discovers it and of a blow catch it and as a great gourmet dish taste the lizard on the top of a nearby tree. An hour later, the hawk, shaken by agonizing stomach collapses, the same plastic strip that ate the lizard caused it damage.

Crashed into the earth, round the black vulture until it begins its work as cleaner, with such bad luck for it to return to its digestive tract the plastic strip that hours later also kills it. The vulture is broken by the red ants of the area (large carnivorous ants) and when spraying this noble bird, free the plastic strip, which again pushed by the wind back to the landfill or any river, lake or sea, to continue its crimes for 100 years more.

Pesticides and Herbicides. A few kilometers from the landfill, are spraying a pesticide in grains to control pests alleged that consume the foliage that is intended for grazing cows.

A frog attracted to the beads or venom crystals catches a couple of them and swallowed. In a few seconds goes into a coma poisoning and prior to die the savannah snake with the spine that is dotted with black, green and brown and yellow belly, in one bite catches it and gives itself a feast. Still, in minutes this dying begins to shake uncontrollably. Two wading birds that see in the distance are advanced over the snake and scramble to catch the prize.

The adult bird is imposed and leads. Within hours the poison does its thing again. The rigid body of the heron, begins feeding the lucky vulture and so once again the cycle of poisoning deaths continues.

Lead pellets. Very close to the vultures area, a poacher shoots his shot against some pigeons to see how good is his aim, the hundreds of lead pellets that do not meet any of these birds fall anywhere. This action causes a terrible pollution of lead (lead poisoning) for those spaces.

The plumbism is the poisoning phenomenon that occurs when birds ingest lead pellets coming from the cartridges used by hunters. The birds ingest them mistaking them for the pebbles to help them digest food. These pellets are retained in the gizzard of the bird, which is the place where it occurs the milling or grinding of the food.

Lead is worn or dissolved in the gastric juices absorbed a certain amount by the body … a few days the first symptoms, digestive problems and neural which cause diarrhea and loss of balance. Hundreds of birds die soon hidden among the vegetation.

Then the red ants or vultures as they always do cleanup releasing the bodies to the murderers shot, minutes or hours after restarts again the cycle of serial killing.

Lenin Cardozo | ANCA24

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