Venezuela: Wind energy will become an alternative

The northern state of Zulia, located 706 kilometers west of Caracas, will become a power in wind energy.

This is due to geographical and climatic conditions of the north of this region and the development of projects aimed towards the wind farm installation.

Currently is being installed the Wind Park “La Guajira”, located in the municipality “Guajira”, to produce some 75.6 megawatts to the national electricity system after it has completed the entire project. This power generation will benefit 12 thousand families in the locality.

From December 2011 started arriving at the port of Maracaibo, Zulia state capital, different parts of the wind turbines are being joining by the Ministry of Electricity and CORPOELEC, public utility of the Venezuelan state. In the first phase of the project installed 12 of the 36 teams of 2.1 megawatts each.

The acquisition of this equipment is made in the Argentina-Venezuela Agreement to consolidate the development of the National Electricity Sector, where they are investing over 300 million dollars by the Venezuelan executive.

Other Projects

A team of teachers and students of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Zulia (LUZ in spanish), with the support of Rotary International, evaluate the feasibility of supplying energy to Zapara Island, located in the Strait of Lake Maracaibo.

This island has no electricity and a network of 970 residents receive their power through a power plant that runs only for 12 hours, and often quite deficient. For this reason, besides the complexity of bringing electricity to the area and wind conditions, researchers working light in the design of an Ecological Wind Farm .

This project seeks the power supply of around 1,000 kilowatts of power through vertical axis wind turbines installed on the island.

This research is supported by Rotary International and receive funding from the Ministry of Science and Technology of Venezuela, through a stimulus program of scientific research.

The multidisciplinary team of teachers involved in the project will assess the environmental impact on the island of Zapara. This will consider the ecology of the species, the survival of its inhabitants and visitors from neighboring islands. Also take into account that it is path of birds and habitat of sea turtles.

This research and development of the municipality Guajira, Zulia northern state would generate about about 76 megawatts of electricity, placing it ahead in Venezuela regarding the creation of wind energy.

Rafael Peñaloza | ANCA24

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