In Venezuela Protected Area deforested for housing construction

The National Park Henri Pittier is the first national park in Venezuela decreed in the year 1937. It is located in the central section of Cordillera de la Costa, and its area of ​​influence includes the states of Carabobo and Aragua. It covers 107,800 hectares. Ranging from the sea level and 2,430 meters of height at its peak.

The park consists of two geographic systems: an abrupt mountain range where inhabit more than 500 bird species and 22 endemic species. In the park there are nine major rivers and a great diversity of flora and vegetation. The second system is the coastal bays, beaches and resorts of a huge tourism potential.

Besides its ecological importance is also an important source of water for cities and towns that surround it and is also the land where cultivated one of the best cacao in the world, especially in the village of Chuao.

With concern we see how have recently been asking about complaints of deforestation of the Henri Pittier National Park for the construction of 40 houses of military garrison.

The president of the Venezuelan Society of Foresters, Tulio Bastidas, described as “unnecessary and unjustifiable aggression against the National Park Henri Pittier” the deforestation of one hectare for the National Guard.

Through social networks, several environmental NGOs expressed their rejection of that construction. To join this cause, Bastidas filed a brief with the national board of the Venezuelan Society of Foresters, which decided to draw up an extensive report on the status of the park.

“What happened in the National Guard of El Limon is unprecedented in the administration of the Henri Pittier. This detachment has functions of Environmental Nursery and Natural Resources and more than any citizen, its officials should be aware that by doing so or permitting it, incur into a violation of the Constitution and various laws, “he said. “They know also that the environmental legal system does not make exceptions and that the regional planning is mandatory.”

‘The same National Guard should proceed with the demolition of the buildings, remove debris from the site and arrange them properly, restore the site to original condition and compensate the damage caused through the reforestation and care of an area equal to or greater than the affected the vicinity of the post, as would order to any violator, “said Tulio finally Bastidas.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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