Fatal tornadoes cause havoc in the United States

A new wave of tornadoes and multiple storms left several injured and millions in property damage as they pass through 6 states in the southeastern United States.

This area was declared a state of emergency, a 60% of residential structures have been affected and a trail of debris cover the site

At least 19 tornadoes have been detected and multiple storms caused injuries and millionaires damages. Authorities warn that the situation may become worse .

The U.S. Weather Service (NWS) updated its warning of “high risk” by another system of tornadoes that will hit about 12 entities, with a greater potential harm to those who previously left in their wake about 13 people dead this week.

The warning of “high risk” is oriented to the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, the bad weather could also affect Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Virginia

In Indiana, according to a report of the Chief Police Clark County, of the town Marysville had been largely destroyed, while the Alabama Emergency Management Agency reported on a balance of six injured in Madison County.

This wave of storms stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, is the second involving the country in less than a week.

Although It was expected that the tornado season in 2012 began in March, the first were detected in late January, some reports showed that 95 tornadoes were formed just last month. Triggering strong vortices ever since.

Generally, the season begins in March and intensifies in the next two months, but accurately predict the storm season is more complex than the hurricanes, because they are too small and and live too little to make predictions. They do not behave like blizzards or hurricanes that are more predictable.

Tornadoes come and go. The storms that give life may last only hours, while blizzards and hurricanes are clumsy beasts that spend their days moving through the satellite maps.

When a hurricane approaches, coastlines have days to warn and evacuate. With a tornado, if the weather service can warn 20 minutes in advance is a victory.

Since 1950 there have been 58 tornadoes in the U.S. with winds exceeding 200 miles per hour. It is believed that tornadoes were generated by a cold front originating in the Rocky Mountains to encounter a warm on its way to the east.

By Mercedes Torres | ANCA 24

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