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Government of Canada denies protection to caribou (VIDEO)

Ecological and conservationist movements expressed outrage at the refusal of the Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent, who recently declared that will not issue an emergency protective order for the caribou in the woods. Kent still not issue an order … Continue reading

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Species of invasive frogs cause damage to biodiversity in Venezuela

The introduction of alien species in land environments, has been one of the most serious problems faced by the program for the conservation of biodiversity and natural environments around the globe. These species are introduced in an accidental way or … Continue reading

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February 2nd, we celebrate the World Wetlands Day

The February 2nd of each year is the World Wetlands Day and in it marks the date that was adopted the Convention on Wetlands onFebruary 2nd, 1971. Since 1997, every year, government agencies, NGOs and citizens’ groups from all levels have taken the opportunity to perform acts andactivities to increase general public awareness about wetlands and the benefits in general. These freshwater ecosystems cover only the 2% … Continue reading

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Climate change drying out forests in western Canada

Research shows northern forests in the three prairie provinces are drying up and shrinking from drought caused by climate change, while the eastern boreal forest is holding its own. A paper published Monday suggests the forests of Alberta, Saskatchewan and … Continue reading

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The Bofedales, Andean wetlands that deserve protection

The Bofedales are wetlands of height and are considered native grasslands from the Andean region, little extensive and with permanent moisture. These “unpublished” wetlands exist on the plains of the central Andes, at the foot of mountains and glaciers, from … Continue reading

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