According to experts the Andean condor may be condemned to disappear

024Scientists warn that could be fated to disappear the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus), whose extinction is expected to occur over the next 25 years if not implemented a strategy to achieve its conservation in the short term.

The warning was released by the office responsible for the Technical Administration of Flora and Fauna in Peru (ATFFS in spanish) , Vicente Rodriguez Cordova, who stated that the Andean condor experiences a disturbing degrowth in the last few years for death attributed to natural causes and intervention of the hunters that trade them alive.

According to the same official, the estimated population in Peru is of 500 specimens, according to information obtained in a recent regional meeting which addressed the critical situation facing this majestic bird, whose biggest population is concentrated between Cusco and Apurimac.

The Andean Condor once flew over the Andean skies from Venezuela to Tierra del Fuego (Argentina). Even viewed from Colombia, according to recent reports from western Venezuela to Argentina, but in much lower numbers in relation to one hundred years ago.

Despite the fact that in some places it is common, it is considered endangered in all areas where it has managed to survive. We understand that several of the countries where it lives are making great efforts to protect the “King of the Andes.”

In the region of Lima, Peru, it reports that goes down until the coast, beaches and resorts, and the coastal hills. In the Patagonia also lives in the plains and goes down to sea level. In the Andes is documented to exceed 5,000 meters of elevation.

Emblematic species of the Shield of Weapons of Ecuador, is virtually extinct in that country, because according to photo-identification surveys only has been detected very few populations of this bird. This is an indicator of the critical condition of this species, while the Ecuadorian experts say that the condor has five years of flight.

The Andean Condor is a social bird. It has been seen eating in groups of up to sixty of them (in times now past), comprised of youth and adults. It has also been seen eating with other American vultures. It is common to see more than one flying over the cliffs of the high mountains in the Andes are sometimes it has been seen resting several of them together. It is also possible to see it alone.

An alternative?

To achieve a more effective intervention by the governments of the Andean countries, Rodríguez Córdova said that is needed an integral strategy for the Condor conservation, which as a key component of the intervention, has been proposed the implementation of a census that in addition allows the location of roosts, innkeepers and location points from their nests.

However, the stated may become on good intentions because this initiative does not have the right people in general to develop studies and the financing for scientific research required for such cases.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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