Venezuela suffers another oil spill before the government denial (VIDEO)

In the town of Jusepín in Monagas State, to the east of Venezuela the rupture of a pipeline transporting oil from PDVSA, caused an oil spill recently created a crisis of water supply and according to display images it is likely a severe ecological damage.

According to information provided by the Government of Monagas and by the state company Aguas de Monagas , the water treatment plant in the lower of Guarapiche river was stopped indefinitely due to the pollution caused by the spill.

“A multidisciplinary team formed by various organizations of the Corporation remains at the site from the time it was reported the incident.”

“Likewise, PDVSA firefighters and the health team in the oil industry presented themselves to the scene to render all necessary assistance, as well as law enforcement authorities of the region,” they explained.

But the oil industry Managers and officials of the Ministry of Environment, ensure that due to the immediate attention to the incident in Jusepín Complex, the situation remains controlled and is not of any danger to the public and there is no greater environmental impact.

Sources in the region estimate that oil moves 40 kilometers every 24 hours by the river. The spot which is observed and pollutes the Guarapiche river since 10 days ago moving an average of 40 kilometers in 24 hours. This means that in the first 48 hours the oil spill affected the biodiversity of at least 140 kilometers.

The forestry engineer and environmentalist, Professor Edilberto Ferrer Veliz, explains the consequences of a damage that it is ultimately irreversible.

“What there is in the Guarapiche river are mangroves very important and sensitive to pollution. The oil spill has been very large and the sanitation spending will be even greater.

And the problem is that this is a very slow process. If I have to recommend something, I would say to implement what it is the bioremediation, ” said Ferrer Veliz.

“Mangroves are very sensitive ecosystems because they keep its life in the water. Besides the damage and pollution of the river which results that there is no supply of the vital fluid in the region, the impacts fall on the flora, fauna and landscape, “said the environmentalist.

He stated that with the chemical injury, the photosynthesis comes down and animals that consume plants in that area (fish, mollusks) are stunted. “Mangroves are farms of oysters and mussels. Another problem is that the basins to the east of Venezuela are based on moriche palms. With this problem the trophic chains broke down, “said Edilberto Ferrer Veliz.

He also commented that the fishermen economy is directly affected and not just by how the river looks now but by the number of species that have died.

The Blue Environmentalists Foundation was one of the first to fix its position on what they believe is an unprecedented oil spill.

Through a statement have said that “all citizens who live in areas sensitive to this type of oil contingency must be trained to assist the biodiversity that is affected by these spills, and thus allow them to be part of the solution and not to veto the will to help by communication and political fears. ”

Request to the national government not to insist on ignoring the environmentalists, ecologists and conservationists, and to take into account proposals that have asserted against oil spills.


By Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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