Government of Canada denies protection to caribou (VIDEO)

Ecological and conservationist movements expressed outrage at the refusal of the Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent, who recently declared that will not issue an emergency protective order for the caribou in the woods.

Kent still not issue an order to protect the caribou of the woodlands, despite of threats to the herds near the bituminous sands of Alberta.

In some areas of Canada, including Alberta, the mammal is listed as threatened.
The reindeer or caribou (Rangifer tarandus) is a species of artiodactyl mammal of the Cervidae family that inhabits in the tundra and taiga zones of the northern hemisphere.

It has developed numerous breeds throughout its vast geographical territory. The largest subspecies, as the North American caribou live temporal in the woods, while the woodland caribou is still smaller.

The Federal Court concluded that the herds in northern Alberta are endangered due to exploitation of tar sands near its ecosystem. It ordered to the minister Kent to review the decision, however, have noticed delays in the execution of rules for the protection of the species.

Environmental groups are pinning their hopes on a recovery strategy of the caribou forests . The project is currently on a round of public consultation.

They state that to recover the caribou, it is necessary to protect the habitat and the reforestation of areas that have been affected by mining.

According to recent statements by the environment minister, Peter Kent, the herds do not face an imminent threat to survival in the rest of its area of distribution across Canada.


By Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

Vía | CBC News


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