February 2nd, we celebrate the World Wetlands Day

The February 2nd of each year is the World Wetlands Day and in it marks the date that was adopted the Convention on Wetlands onFebruary 2nd, 1971.

Since 1997, every year, government agencies, NGOs and citizens’ groups from all levels have taken the opportunity to perform acts andactivities to increase general public awareness about wetlands and the benefits in general.

These freshwater ecosystems cover only the 2% of the Earth’s surface but are home to over 40% of the world’s species and 12% of allanimal species.

Due to the different types of vegetation typically found in them and depending on its size and depth, wetlands can also contribute to the establishment of sediment, which favors the removal of nutrients and toxic. It has been recognized its importance in protecting the coastline and in the control of erosion and river estuaries.

Provide shelter for animals that use its surroundings to shelter, reproduction or feeding. Likewise, its relevance has been documented in the maintenance of the microclimate and its contribution to carbon collection and emission.

The theme of World Wetlands Day 2012 is Wetlands and Tourism and is related to the topic of the next meeting of the Conference of the Parties, the COP11, wetlands, tourism and recreation, to be held in July 2012 in Bucharest (Romania).

Tourism in wetlands provides benefits to both local and national level to people and wildlife benefits that range from strengthening economiesto sustainable livelihoods, ecosystems healthy and prosperous people.

At least 35% of Ramsar sites worldwide experience some degree of tourist activity, and that percentage is kept uniform in all regions.

Of course, tourism is important to consider in all wetlands, not just those which have been designated Ramsar sites, since the Contracting Parties of the Convention have committed in the management of all wetlands.

By Rafael Peñaloza | ANCA 24


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