People of America, the most ecological

The inhabitants of the Americas (American Continent) have a special connection with nature. It is instinctive, are like invisible strings environmental conservation, cultural, anthropological, sociological, linking them, caught, tied to this land , which distinguishes them, makes them unique.

This same phenomenon happens to people from other continents who resides in the region. There comes a time in their lives, who can no longer go back, not because they are prevented something, but because the love for these latitudes do not let them move back. For all wake up very early, feelings and admiration for the trees, foliage, mountains, rivers, lakes, sea, fauna, sky.

The love of two mothers, the biological mother and the natural, is also present throughout their cycle of life. This feeling for nature is genetically transmitted. It is the ancestral Aboriginal blood who, by multiple pathways, induces, seduces.

The eco cosmovision of the planet, the veneration for Mother Earth is its legacy, that’s what causes them to be special citizens, perceptive, caring, able to achieve coexistence with nature lifestyle. They are the people who have least traumatized nature since mankind was present on the continent.

American Genetics is fed into the natural day, from their water (the purest in the world), the atmosphere is less polluted on the continent. Its gastronomy has become one of the most important in the world, of the ten most consumed species, six are from America: corn, potato, sweet potato, tomato, bell pepper and cassava.

Environmentalists also with ideas. From America in the twentieth century, was released to the world the SOS for the defense of nature. The brave young men of the 70s under the theme of “Green Peace” (Greenpeace) in Vancouver in western Canada, called the world’s attention to protest the impunity for the environment, when nuclear testing performed in the Pacific.

Like Chico Mendez, leads the reflection to the United Nations of the need to preserve the great green lung of the planet, the Amazon.

In Ecoart (poetry, music, painting, literature) in the last decades the continent has been a great reference. Still, in the development of environmental journalism.

Without question, America is the continent that privileges the nature.

Lenin Cardozo | ANCA24

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