In Dominican Republic transgenics have been targeted

The voice of alert given by the field producers that warned of an agreement by government agencies intended to replace other native seeds whose DNA has been manipulated, which will cause a dependency of producers to supply seeds.

In the country the issue of genetically modified foods has not been discussed widely, and not even a code or a biosafety law to regulate this growing market, which is not only a lack of protection for producers, but for the consumer population, since they are unknown health effects.

The nutritionist Marisela Jiménez de Mañon refers that in the Dominican market GM products are marketed, including the tomatoes, corn, cereals, soy milk and salmon, without giving the consumer the information .

The farmers stressed that the agreement accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture allowed in the country of genetically modified seeds. They called upon the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment for these open discussions with different sectors to explain the agreement.

They also requested the National Congress the approval of the Biosecurity law so that they can implement the knowledge, skills and equipment to protect the sector.

They argued that Monsanto has been one of the companies that has had more problems in the world, because of a potential or actual products on human health, animals, plants and the environment in general.

Pending approval of the Biosecurity Law, a set of entities continues to work on capacity building and institutional strengthening.

The result of this effort has created the Center for Information Exchange on Biosafety of the Dominican Republic (CIISB in spanish) to exchange information and experience and technical, scientific , environmental and legal-related to the topic.

But the big question is the impact that genetically modified foods cause health effects. As the picture is clear and conclusive research is determined by whether GMOs are safe to human health (or the opposite), the Foundation for Consumer Rights (Fundecom in spanish) is opposed to the introduction of GM seeds.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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