Bullfights, the art of deception

Cruelty and deception

Bullfights are a disgraceful spectacle in three acts about twenty minutes in length, which portrays the false superiority and fascination with the “bloody fight” those who believe they have a divine right to dispose as they please of the lives of others sensitive beings, even to justify and trivialize the death of the bull as art and entertainment.

A pathological behavior that arises from an inability to cope with the pain of victims and an irrepressible morbidity to the possibility to witness some gored, or death of the killer, a fortuitous risk, infrequent (one per 40,000 bullfighting bulls slaughtered ), and above all avoidable, however, increases the Dantesque nature of the run. A cruel and unsupportive charity.

A sinister imposed party as a national holiday

The “big party” shows the contempt for life, stalking and “punish” a noble bull, manipulated and betrayed, sharp spears and pikes, to death, suffocated or drowned in his own blood to the lungs destroyed by the sword of the matador, or sticking with a knife trying to sever the spinal cord.

The “brave” bullfighters face a bull “prepared” to which it previously provided all drugs and purgatives, which act as mesmerizing and soothing and can cause a lack of coordination of the musculoskeletal system and defects of vision.

After three days of having no food or water, dark and enclosed in a wooden box, they do suffer the painful indignity of shaving, a practice that involves cutting a piece of python, in the face where it freezes, suffering the called traumatic lumbago, and destroyed the muscles and tendons to fight desperately to throw off the yoke that holds its head sagging toward the corrals out of the plaza, arriving lame and weak to face the heartbreaking jab that violates the chopper.

Already in the arena and to ensure the “success” to the matador, all together, the choppers, pierce the iron lance in the rubble, opening, as a lever, a tremendous hole in the spreader, cutting and tearing the tendons , ligaments and muscles of the neck to force it to lower its head so he can kill it easily.

The destruction of any life, supposedly for the benefit of others, is ethically unacceptable, and bullfights are the last barbarism, aesthetically unpresentable, with over a thousand performances staged the slaughter of a peaceful herbivore that ends at the knacker’s yard . It is the vilest cowardice disguised as collective tradition.

“There is nothing so pathetic as a crowd of spectators still witnessing
enthusiasm with indifference or unequal confrontation between a noble bull and a gang of thugs unbalanced destroying an innocent animal who does not understand the reason for its pain “
Joseph Ritson

Gustavo Carrasquel | Director of Blue Environmentalists

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