The magnitude of the “trade in shark fins” (VIDEO)

Studies of the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the independent conservationist organizations, estimated that each year are caught between 100 and 150 million sharks.

Sharks are prey to fishing vessels by the growing demand for shark products (fins in particular) to the market especially Asian restaurants in the world.

The demand for shark fin soup, cartilage for pharmaceutical products, not only of traditional Chinese medicine, are causing ecological catastrophe for this group of fish.

In recent years, graphics images have denounced this “aberrant” shark fin trade and have helped raise public awareness on the issue.

Photos and videos often show dark images of fishermen using trawl or longlines to catch sharks on the sides of the ships, cut the fins of the animals, and then let it fall back into the ocean (alive) and with a certain death.

Only a handful of countries have banned the practice of “shark finning”. In fact, the industrial operations of this activity are still large in the world, as evidenced by hundreds of images and videos, that even are available to all, the practice continues without penalty.

Just to satisfy their “greed” or palate and unfairly “labeled” as “monsters” or “murderers” with the greatest prejudice supported by the media industry, running the most terrible slaughter.

As we deal with the “terrorists” or “mass murderers” already cause “outrage” to see, to know, and to be informed how “brazen” and kill the shark with such impunity.

The United Nations and its administrative agency called the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), are “responsible” for taking a position that creates “actions” effective against this holocaust.

In recent decades, many species of sharks have gone to the brink of extinction due to overfishing, unsustainable and in particular the practice of “finning” is legal throughout the world.

Its population has declined in some species by 90%. This decline is more dangerous to the survival of these fish due to the ecological characteristics of sharks which makes them very vulnerable to capture in mass, it is slow-growing fish, sexual maturation occurs after many years and have few offspring.

The flapping is causing an ecological catastrophe, sharks die faster than they can reproduce. If we destroy the sharks in exchange for short-term economic gain, we run the risk of a loss of unimaginable proportions in the long run, the destruction of the ocean and of ourselves, as it produces 70% of the oxygen on the planet.


Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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