Another successful day of the campaign “Clean Up the World and World Beach Day” in Venezuela

The Campaign “Weekend Clean Up the World and World Beach Day 2011″, developed by Blue Environmentalists, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was held on the 16th and on September 17th .

This was the twenty-first edition of this activity in the state of Zulia also participated actively the Zulia Educational Zone, the First Infantry Division of the Bolivarian National Army, the Federation of Central Town Merchants of Maracaibo, the Faculty of Engineering at the Zulia University , the Venezuelan Scouts, the Center for Popular Education “Jesus Rosario Ortega”
accompanied by more than 1,500 volunteers.

On Friday September 16th in the morning hours, Blue Environmentalists, as a member of “Clean Up the World,” gave a conference to the community in general about the importance of different coastal and marine ecosystems and the training for the collection, quantification and solid waste classification.

On Saturday September 17th from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm, took place the usual collection, quantification and classification of solid waste deposited on the coast of Central Town Dock of Maracaibo. This was the edition number 21st of this activity developed by Blue Environmentalist.

We must alert with concern the pollution levels of this important ecosystem, said Gustavo Carrasquel, Media Director of Blue Environmentalists .

“Beverage bottles (plastic) of two liters or less only in this sampling are around 28,000 units, plus all kind of waste are dumped into our shores.”

This activity serves as a call from ENVIRONMENTAL ATTENTION and citizen awareness , where the participation played a determinant role.

Throughout the whole national territory 4,006 miles of coastline to which covers the northern part of Venezuela in the face of the Caribbean Sea, there were more than 1,500 sessions in around 1,700 beaches.

At the workshop of the 2011 World Beach Day , Carabobo was the state of the country with the largest number of objects collected from its shores with 119,983 units, equivalent to 41% of the total collected. Plastic bags, bottles, and cans were the most waste commonly found , according to a publication of FUDENA national coordinator of the activity.

In Vargas, the main Venezuelan coast, the coastal entity were placed 104 points in action, participating about 50 public institutions, private companies and NGOs that add 3,505 volunteers in 40 scattered beaches . While in the eastern of Venezuela the “Tortuga Foundation” and private companies conducted a sanitation operative in the main costs, with major participation of more than 3,000 volunteers.

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