According to experts, forests of Colombia to last less than 100 years

During the National Debate for a Policy Public Forest, which was recently held and organized by Colciencias and the National University, a panel of experts said that “unless action is taken, in one hundred years will be over the forest resources of the country.”

In the same way, environmental organizations criticize the poor government action to prevent it.

“In the speeches of the Government was not discussed about decisions being taken to address the problem, and that was the point of the debate, to discuss the forest policy in this International Year of Forests.”

Also, the investigator Paul Leyva said he was surprised by “the level of imprecision of these” officers, who were limited to “opinions and good wishes.”

Alegria Fonseca, one of the deans of environmental policies in the country, concluded that “the engines are contradictory to the social and environmental development of Colombia.”

The low investment in the sector was also debated. It was argued that governments have not taken seriously the environmental issue and forest management, which is evidenced by the low budgets that have been assigned. Moreover, most national counterparts is required by international cooperation.

The director of the Nature Foundation, Elsa Matilde Escobar, disagreed than in the country “only talks about commercial plantations,” ignoring the efforts of civil society that lives in the forest and is dedicated to restoring it. Alegria Fonseca shared that opinion: “The value of biodiversity is not on the ground but in the knowledge that traditional communities have of their territory for a long time.”

One of the main conclusions are directed to the need to recognize that forest resources are no wood and services exclusively, but complex ecosystems where life is fundamental.

It also reached a consensus to realize that Colombia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world (between 300 thousand and 500 thousand hectares per year), which does not compare with the rate of reforestation.

By Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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