Argentina faces with fear invasion of mice

Environmental authorities state that in September there is a sharp increase in the number of mice in one of the most common varieties in the area: the so-called long-tailed or mice.

The unusual proliferation of these rodents, and other as the long-haired mouse , could multiply by ten or more the usual number of rodents in the region.

Spokesmen of the city of Bariloche explained that the increase is due to a natural phenomenon, but uncommon: the bloom of sugarcane colihue, a type of bamboo present in large areas of the Patagonia.

In 2010, the colihue bloomed for the first time in 60 years and this year the plant shows its seeds, which are highly coveted food by the long-tailed, which feed exclusively from seeds.

Larisa Beletzki spokeswoman Nahuel Huapi National Park, a protected natural area within which is Bariloche – said, that the colihue sugarcane occupies some 100,000 hectares of about 750,000 that make the park.

Because of that magnitude, it is believed that the abundance of food will multiply several times the number of rodents in the area.

Renato Ponce, director of Civil Defense of Bariloche, said the main tasks of prevention aimed to prevent an increase in mouse population also increases the risk of human infection with hantavirus, a disease that attacks the lungs and can be fatal.

However, he stressed that these rodents are wild animals and only people living in wooded areas are at risk.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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