In Peru, the erosion kills the coastal marine ecosystems

The tourist resort of Huanchaco, emblematic place for Trujillo, run out of beaches and sand in the short term, due to marine erosion.

Until five years ago or maybe more, The Trujillans used to come by thousands to spend the summer to two of the three representative beaches, Las Delicias beach, located in the district of Moche and Buenos Aires in the district of Víctor Larco, which we no longer have the same conditions to enjoy the summer season.

The tourist resort of Huanchaco, a place of pride for the people of Trujillo (town in the North Coast of Peru) for its sunsets, would be out of beaches or sand due to sea erosion.

Marine erosion comes from the wear on a surface caused by the sea, is the concept for this problem seems caused by nature.

However, in declarations from the fisheries biologist and ecologist Carlos Bocanegra said that the problem of the beaches is because of “human factors”.

Explain to four factors for the extinction of the Trujillan beaches :

First, he mentions that in the desert ecosystem of the region La Libertad, especially south among the provinces of Viru and Trujillo, there were sand dunes that even were invading the track of the North Panamerican Highway.

The dunes no longer exist by the environmental impact caused by the execution of a housing project. The sand lost of those dunes was one of the first steps to destroy the beaches.

A second complaint, claims that the silt and sand carried by builders of the Moche and Viru rivers decreased their supply of sand to beaches.

The third cause, states Carlos Bocanegra, is the occupation of marine terraces by invaders in the coastal hills, who built their houses on a desert area, damaging the wind power transport of sand; ie, through the wind.

As a fourth and decisive factor for the disappearance of the Trujillans beaches said the construction of the port structure which blew part of the Cerro Carretas it was a natural shade that originated then sand drifts into areas sensitive to erosion.

Beaches Las Delicias and Buenos Aires are the first victims of sea erosion as it explained the ecologist Carlos Bocanegra, with great human contribution to it.

“Every year the sea moves forward six meters to the coast,” he revealed, and also adds climate change has a large impact on this problem.

By Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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