Argentina has very favorable conditions for the solar energy development

According to a report by researcher Graciela Lesina belonging to INENCO (Research Institute of Non-Conventional Energy), highlighted the advantages of solar energy, among others, and raised two possible lines of research: the development of solar power parks through photovoltaic cells, which translates directly into electrical energy, or the use of mirrors that focus the heat energy in all collectors.

“The situation in Argentina, and large part of Latin America represents a turning point in which, as developing economies, face a growing demand for energy that responds to an increase in industrial production and improved quality of life “.

“Because of this, it is necessary to develop, research and investment in these fields,” said Graciela Lesina.

Lesina highlighted the comparative advantage that Argentina has much to collect wind energy as for the solar, especially the last one.

This is based on a measurement made by a group led by Dr. Grossi Gallegos and based on data collected by a solarimetric network with more than 40 monitoring stations, which revealed that Argentina has high levels of solar radiation in the Andean and sub-Andean regions from Jujuy to Neuquén.

This year began operating the first solar power plant in South America that is connected to the network of the national electricity system, with a total generation of 13.2 KW

The project was called San Juan Solar Plan and the construction of solar power plant was given by the Spanish company Comsa Emte , which received an investment of 10 million dollars by EPSE (Provincial Power Company of the State).

The plant is in Ullum, 30 kilometers from the provincial capital, and has nearly five thousand solar panels are capable of supplying in a clean way to around 1,500 homes.

By Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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