Venezuela: Paraguaná decreed free plastic bags

In the northwestern region of Venezuela, is the Paraguana peninsula, near the Dutch islands in the Caribbean and that holds the second largest refining complex in the world, able to distill 940,000 barrels of oil daily.

In this stands the city of Punto Fijo, with 270,000 residents of which are on track to become a liberated area of polluting plastic bags.

A city ordinance will promulgate in a few days and will come into force in early 2012, prohibits the marketing and use of plastic bags with a capacity less than 30 kilograms, above that measure will be allowed, because they are intended to collect waste, and will punish first of all to whom throw them into public spaces or incinerate.

In Venezuela, plastic bags pollution travels the country, thousands of them are on one side of the roads in the most fragile ecosystems and water beds. Recent research has shown that is consumed 500,000 tons of plastic per year, which are recycled only the 20 percent.

A third are flexible packaging, so that each of the 29 million people in the country annually consumes about 150 bags of this material.

The dioxins and toxic elements, which emanate from the combustion of plastics, are carcinogens that affect fats, soil, sediment, food chain and human tissues.

Plastic bags, because of its low thickness are made of low density polyethylene. Nature tends to bring a “battle” hard against that element and usually break down in periods of 150 to 300 years and still releases large amounts of toxins.

The ordinance thus adding another territory more that in Latin America has made ​​similar decisions to eradicate this contaminant plague.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24

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