In Venezuela was developed with total successful campaign “Liberation of turtles” (PICTURES)

Recently in the Mochima beaches, Anzoátegui state, in eastern Venezuela, the Foundation “La Tortuga” in conjunction with staff of INPARQUES (NATIONAL PARKS INSTITUTE), released 52 turtles of the species known as the loggerhead (Caretta caretta).

The turtles were born at full daylight, a situation that attracted the attention of a large group of birds. Fortunately Mr. Juan Salazar was passing by a Mochima coastal resident, who came up and realized the fact, went immediately to safeguard and protect the animals.

Then he warned to INPARQUES in a joint effort, raised the information, planning and strategy necessary for the release.

At birth the day, the turtles are at a disadvantage because they are easy prey for their natural predators, is why they must to be guarded until dusk, which is the best time for its entry into the sea, the home will welcome the rest of its long life.

The behavior of Mr. Juan Salazar and his son Louis is the essence of the work of the Network of reasonable notice.

This project that runs La Tortuga Foundation, aims at the conservation and protection of sea turtles that arrive to the coast of the Anzoátegui state through the training of the coastal residents and all the volunteers who want to join this noble cause.

This species is one of the most distributed throughout the Caribbean Sea. Among its peculiarities are known to be solitary customs and its diet is carnivorous feeding mainly on crustaceans, fish and shellfish.

Loggerhead turtles are also endangered and in his case is especially critical as it is recorded that one loggerhead turtle can be transported in its shell up to 100 species of marine plants and animals that depend on it for survival.

Other causes to be threatened or endangered are: Over-exploitation for meat, loss of nesting habitat and predation of their eggs.

By Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA 24


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