Argentina to a new National Park

After numerous protests and activities of environmental organizations across the country, today they are celebrating the announcement of converting 148,000 hectares of the forest reserve “Fidelity” (located in the Gran Chaco), in a national park.

The decision has the support of the National Parks Administration (APN), which presented a check for 2,5 million pesos, a first step to finalize the project.

Together with another 105,000 hectares in the province of Formosa, Fidelity is the last reservoir of the Gran Chaco semiarid in Argentine territory, with significant biodiversity, home to endangered species.

Since 1996, it had taken steps to create the national park. Therefore, in January 2011 following the assassination of its owner, businessman Manuel Roseo, the Tourism Minister Enrique Meyer, which oversees the APN – expressed the interest of the Nation to regain the initiative.

Roseo had almost no exploitation of his property, and it was that environmental value that led many organizations to launch a campaign in the same sense as APN.

Meanwhile, two courts of Chaco substantiate the causes of those who claim the heritage of Roseo, an issue that is presented as long and difficult to resolve.
A month ago, the Legislature of the region had 148,000 hectares defined these as “resource reservation”.

The project also includes the appraisal of the land, creating a trust to purchase, and the provision of a compensatory amount for whom justice determines to be the heirs.

In this regard, the APN president, Patricia Gandini, finalized yesterday a donation of 2.5 million dollars to launch the trust fund, which will provide civil society organizations, businesses and any citizen-designed to meet the millionaire compensation.
“It is the first public subscription, and so the population is taking a big step in the protection of ecosystems,” said Gandini.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of National Tourism, Enrique Meyer, and representatives of numerous environmental associations, including Wildlife, Greenpeace, FARN, Red Jaguar, CLT, Forests and Central Bank of Nelson Mandela, who applauded the decision .

It is expected that the project will be approved soon by the legislators of the region, and then delivered to the National Congress, which must vote on its acceptance.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA24

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