FUTURAMA… 50 years later

Finally the Japanese ate all the dolphins to make their sushi and along the Norwegian and Icelandic whale ended. Canadians, have lost to seals and polar bears. In India the Bengal tiger disappeared, like the Asiatic wild dog, the Sarus crane, the turtle bastard and the Asian elephant. In Kenya, he was not any wild animal, and was followed by other African countries. The Chinese ate all Siberian tigers, monkeys, dogs, snakes, worms and insects in the Asia and not in keeping with those, went to war with Africa, its termites and grasshoppers.

The UN has stepped in and agreed to share. The Portuguese and British timber companies destroyed all the forests of the Amazon. The last tree was cut in a ceremony where he attended among others the president of Brazil.

The BP and Shell, whose having polluted the oceans, extracted the last drop of oil from the earth and finally turned to drinking water market, which also ended or poison it.

The nuclear tests Russian / American in the Arctic, melting glaciers ended. In the Pacific, with the help of the Chinese and French the same tests annihilated all its flora and fauna.

Someone in Patagonia happened to say, lack of food that the penguins were a solution in less than three months, died. The Galapagos Islands were a museum of photography, and the shells of turtles were saved. The floating plastic from the oceans, continents joined.

The word pet was removed from the international language. I stand alone, the benchmark for fine dining: Salsa Boxer, Poodle, Beagle, Terrier, Dalmatian, Shepherd, Labrador, Schnauzer, Pitbull, Maltese, Cocker, Collie for spaghetti, Siamese curry sauce, etc. Simply we have finished with everything.

Also signed a new treaty of war in Geneva, where due to lack of food was agreed that the prisoners could eat. Afghans and Iranians, were due to the technology for canned meat.

The misfits of Greenpeace, were given status as dangerous terrorists and ate them. Environmentalists BLUE step into hiding.

The Cannibalism passed to be the new human diet. Group of 12 (developed countries), regrouped in 3 and the other nations, were abolished and given the range of human territories fattening. What things happened to us, just for not acting all to a single voice, to stop environmental impunity 50 years ago.

Lubio Lenin Cardozo | http://lenincardozo.blogspot.com/


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