Nostradamus 2011 Environmental Prediction

The beginning of “silent decade”

China and the U.S., leaders in the world for its ability to pollute the planet, will make a bilateral agreement, not to play over the environmental issue during a decade. To do so, they will create an agreement with its communication networks to not broadcast the “thorny” issue. Set to launch the antivirus Wikilears to avoid any leakage during the “silent decade.” Indeed, the creator of Wikilears, it will be discovered, that their family ties to Bin Laden and an heroic command action will be kidnapped and taken away to Guantanamo, and maintain him there for the rest of his life. Also, The European Community not to want to have anything to do with the theme. “Nobody is going to get with the dollars and yuan owners”. Summit on Climate Change COP17 in South Africa, will be remembered as the Summit of the Secretariants, because there will be attend only for the Ministries of Environment Secretaries of the respective countries; their bosses will report that they are too busy to be there.

Back to the coal and the oil is strengthened

The coal will be repowered. The Pentagon and Scotlan Yard environmentalists discovered coals medicinal properties and therefore is reset the rage of use. The business slogan is: “Buy Coal, buy all you can, your health will be improved!!”. Otherwise, Saudi Arabia, not yet recovered by the scares happened in the Copenhagen Summit and Cancun where he challenged the use fossil fuels, decide to have the offensive and will create the Organization of Petroleum Countries Friends (PAPO), with the propose of spread campaigns to disseminate the use of oil and its derivatives. It will initiate with an intense media war against renewable energy. Quickly the PAPO will be the darling of all the world media. In addition to paying a fortune on advertising, give away cars with high consumption of gasoline to thousands of journalists. The U.S. cars companies, will express its gratitude forever.

The academy welcomes environmental exiles

The academies of the languages of all languages coined the new term of exile or environmental refugees. Name given to the millions of displaced flood products or submerged by the tsunami countries, beginning in 2011. Country rented or portable country is another concept associated with countries that have to rent land in order to move with his people, temporarily or permanently. The academy also wants to consolidate other concepts, for example, is not the same to have pets in the West, or have pets in Asia for haute cuisine.

Japan hunt penguins

The Nipponese begin to consider that for the imminent demise of whales and dolphins to make their sushi, the Penguins could also be another option. The first Japanese ships will be at the South Pole. The boat of Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, mysteriously plunged into the Pacific, and in the same way, the Greenpeace boats. It will be born a new scientific organization in that country to “study” these interesting species: Sushi Penguins.

End of obesity and overweight

Given the increasingly growing lack of food in the world, since 2011 the humans will adopt a diet “well balanced with little drinkable water and some beans or grains of rice.” The UN will study the possibility to create a resolution to eat only once a day, except, of course, in developed countries, where will keep to them three meals with their snacks. They are also considering not be so severe with the theme of Africa cannibalism. Still, one of the countries experts in the Continent on genocide, will decide not kill more people without any purpose. And it will be projected as global market leader in the sale of kidneys. The Kosovo mafias will be much bother with this unexpected commercial rival. In 2011 the fat people will enter in the countdown and will have their days numbered.

Accelerate the preparations for travel to Mars

The pollution has begun to produce so many destructive weather phenomena, which has managed to agree upon the developed countries, not to definitively stop environmental degradation, but to share to Mars. They conclude that “It’s cheaper, migrate to decontaminate the planet.” Hence, it has begun the race to see who gets there first and grab the best land. An Arab prince and one of the English nobility will have the leadership of the interplanetary project. The mission is called Avatar II.

FIFA put the eye to the Amazon

The International Federation of Football, will be seriously considering buying the part of the Amazon, which is deforested and make those large territories, hundreds of mega fields, home, future world championships. They see a big business in these new deserts. Also, there are those who think that raising camels there could be another alternative.

Environmentalists will be formally declared Urban Terrorists

Environmentalists pass underground. Polluting nations, will decide to act and everyone who gets to protest to defend the environment, will receive jail or under where the protest, whipping or stoning. Racitas radical groups, “white collars”, neo nazis, etc.., due to the flood of immigrants, refugees and displaced persons, who have been put in their respective nations is immense and so fight or beat people, deserves too much effort, will be the need to change their habits and now haunt environmentalists or ecologists. And best of luck to them will have a lot of nationally and internationally sponsorship or funding.

End of ideologies. Century: XVIII, IXX and XX

Byzantine debate will be over even though if you are left or right. The nationalist military lines, survive. State capitalism in all its versions will be the prevailing model. The environmental ideology will strengthen. Will also appears new ways of thinking, as the ideology of simplicity, the Americans called Twitter Ideology. But do not prosper long, as Bill Gates, as usual, bought the rights.

Born of a new country, Plasticine (Plastilina, in Spanish)

And drown some islands in the Pacific countries, products of increased water levels due to melting of the Arctic. Other countries “emerge.” Such is the case, Plasticine (Plastilandia, in Spanish), floating territory due to the many square miles of plastic on the surface of the oceans. Already some scientists and employers or businessman, are evaluating to give a residential use for that great navigator platform. It just missed to solve, how to locate it later, because as it would be floating in the ocean, it would be difficult to locate in a specific place in the world maps.

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