No more dawned

Today no day dawned, as you have not dawn for anyone. In 2010, parts per million of CO2, scientists say were at 395, ie 45 higher maximum accepted to ensure our survival as a species. The scientists claimed that the safe limit for humanity was 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. The United Nations for the same year tried to limit the level of CO2 at 450 parts per million (ppm), but their efforts were not heard. All of this because the burning of so much fossil fuel, since carbon dioxide was one of the main gases produced greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing global warming, which accelerated the melting of glaciers, increased droughts continents, consuming forests, extinct species and ecosystems.

Then, to get to 350 means transform the world. Meant building solar panels instead of coal plants, planting trees instead of cutting down tropical forests, increase efficiency and reduce our consumption, recycling by 99%, among many other things. Therefore, to get to 350 again meant developing thousands of different solutions. At that time lacked the collective value, but more citizen action and commitment to defend the environment.

What is certain, that 50 years later, we remove CO2 sunrises, the 5000 parts per million we have now, leave without visibility, without oxygen. We now live in underground cities, with controlled artificial atmospheres.

What began as Moll cities, like La Villa Underground Montreal that began with 32 miles of tunnels connecting to 41 roundabouts (about 12 kilometers square), PATH in Toronto, 371600 meters and 27 square miles of passages, Japan Chikigais with 81,765 meters square, Forum des Halles in Paris with 300 miles of passages and the Town Hall in Australia with 4 kilometers square, became the portals of the emergency we had to build cities to survive, the longer tenable atmosphere covering continents. But we all had space in those cities, more than half the human population disappeared, due to lack of oxygen. And still we stay alive, new diseases we suffer from lack of sunlight and oxygen to breathe recycled. Our life expectancy is reduced to 30 years or so it was agreed to give at least 3 decades opportunity to experience each of the dwellers in these cities.

Each person has to write his epitaph or final reflection until meet his 30 years. This is mine. For me there was no sunrise, no colour, so, I lived in grey and I will die like it. I have no legacy for future generations. That was my heritage.

Lubio Lenin Cardozo |

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