Interview with Jacques Cousteau

Interviewer: Jacques, now that’d be serving 101 years of your birth, in a world that today it is needed a inspiring of feats as yours, you became the great environmentalist of the twentieth century, the greatest scientist of the deep of the oceans, the protector of whales and octopuses, the prolific writer of marine life, with more than 50 books published which inspired entire generations to study and research the sea flora and fauna, the center of the world attention in Rio summit due to your dogged environment defendant. The French of all French, equal to or more popular than Napoleon Bonaparte. A simple man, a humble and great father. The all time Captain Planet. As you really define it?

Jacques: An actor, perhaps the height of what became the first performances of Ronald Reagan, before stepping into a political. As a young man I was looked for some roles as actor but without luck. Then I went to the navy until it finally gave me the opportunity and engaged in the production of one of the most watched reality show in the decades of the 50, 60 and 70. At first I agreed, with Hollywood production just start on travel by sea and as taste and succeeded in getting sponsors, there began my great stardom on the small and large screens. Fortunately for me, Lloyd Bridges (1913-1998), actor from the series “The Undersea Research,” could never dull, because I saw again, in these parts of Europe, and that I was French, European and an American.

Interviewer: But nobody can deny that you were a great environmentalist, scientist, protector of whales and octopuses and a prolific writer of marine life, with more than 50 books published?.

Jacques: It is not true, none of that left. Everything was staged. It was a difficult time for producers in Hollywood and needed different things that encouraged the audience and the theme of travel and the marine world, and attracted a lot of attention, these investors Entertainment, decided to bet on that and we go to film , but pre-scripted. On the issue of the scientific, I want to clarify, that serious and important work, in good, scientific rigor, not made. There were not very commercial, and therefore not invested in it. But they did in picture books with seascapes and the like. That’s conservationist wildlife that is to say whales and octopuses. That was not true either. We approach of these species, in many cases, to give it some drama to the films. If we could put a little aggressive, to help the film we did. I regret that many of them died in the shootings. Of octopuses, the only thing I can say, that was what I liked me, but eating. The upper prepare in different ways. In my life, I wrote a book with my own hand. As was famous, I came, some writers failed, they offered me, they could share with me credits (as co-author), if funding for such publications, and whether more or less what they wrote, that I liked and left out my picture on the cover, I paid these publications and I did, until they reached 50, then did not want more, because it was losing money because I realized that not a lot of people bought them.

Interviewer: You if you made contributions, especially in the wake of a conservation awareness to the end, in the last stage of his life, he was very active while accompanying protests against radioactive waste and the same, when it was present Summit in Rio, it has great value for today’s dedicate ourselves to defending the environment?.

Jacques: In those days, my popularity, I was almost through the ground and we needed to draw global attention to see if we were getting sponsors for the foundation that bore my name. We had some projects of new expeditions but lacked the funds, and the same, I also needed to maintain a lifestyle that could take decades. However, despite these efforts will not accomplish much. Things were not like before, and there were many more choices of entertainment, I travel the seas. And finally, none of which I was a man, humble and simple, remember that I was French. And the French, we believe we are the best in the world. The Captain Planet will accept it, not my real merit, but because it sounds good, gives a range to me, it feels superior!

The interviewer concluded: The French have coined the phrase “Le contraire of lui-même.” That means something like “the opposite of itself.” In Jacques Cousteau, we think that in it, something like that happens. Some people in life never intended to be heroes or anti-heroes, or thought that their creative actions, they would make of them, of course, a legacy. Cousteau, was probably one of those people. Their dedication and hard work led him to become one of the most important references of the twentieth century. His films, photographs, their agreements with Hollywood, allowed universal marine life. That was his great legacy. For his tenacity and what was his life project, we pay tribute in this article.

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