In 2010 the nature loses the first decade of XXI century

If we observe the balance of the millennium first 10 years, its become evident the multiple efforts and agreements statements has been made by the UN about environmental issue and a little or no further action from the same countries invited to stop the vicious assault and violations of their nature actually. We summarize below the most notorious events of this lost decade.

Climate Change and the Club of polluters

13 Summits to address climate change. Trieste Summit in March 2001, Marrakech in November 2001 Summit, the Johannesburg Summit in August 2002, Summit in New Delhi in November 2002, Milan Summit in November 2003, Buenos Aires Summit in November 2004, Canada Summit in December 2005, Nairobi Summit in November 2006, Bali Summit in December 2007, Poland in December 2008 Summit, the Copenhagen Summit in December 2009 and the Cancun Summit in November 2010. Despite this large number of notifications, where Climate Change was an “inconvenient truth”, the club of polluters, could be “efficiently” agree, but only between them, blocking all global efforts and not allow move forward any resolution binding and coordinated action against global warming.

The decade of environmental impunity

The water pollution by oil, mercury and toxic substances in recent years, even with the breakthrough technology was terribly disproportionate compared to previous decades. In addition to the seas and lakes, more than half of the world’s rivers are polluted. The spill in the Gulf of Mexico, is noted as the biggest environmental tragedy in history. Hundreds of important spills magnitudes occurred around the world in this decade and there was no international tribunal to try those responsible for this environmental genocide. The administration of justice for the pollutants did not exist. These ten years will be remembered as the decade of environmental impunity.

Natural disasters

Nature gave us back so far received punishment and in this decade at least every year 250 million people were affected. Events suffer only in magnitude, as the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, 8.9 on the Richter scale with its epicenter off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the largest tsunami in history causing 226,408 deaths in twelve countries bordering the Indian Ocean, the 2006 tsunami in Indonesia’s Java island, leaving about a thousand dead and 110,000 displaced, of 7.7 magnitude in 2007 the Solomon Islands tsunami, triggered by two earthquakes, one of 8.1 on the Richter scale followed by another 7.6 degrees, with more than one hundred dead and more than 5,409 displaced.Live chilling as the 2000 floods in Mozambique, as a result which left five million people affected, between 2001 and 2006, the world witnessed massive flooding in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand, as in the 2007 in the states of Tabasco and Veracruz, Mexico with over 25 thousand evacuees.

Pakistan, India, Russia and Central, suffered severe flooding in 2008 with losses of hundreds of lives and displaced thousands. Uruguay and Brazil also presents important displaced movements by floods in 2009, at the end of 2010 in northern Colombia and Venezuela floods displaced movements were more than a million people.Julitte hurricanes like in 2001, Isidore and Kenna in 2002, Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne in 2004, Wilma, Katrina, Junior, Emily and Stan in 2005, which sowed terror in the Caribbean, and earthquakes as Aceh Indonesia in 2004 with 230 000 deaths of 9.5 degrees, Pakistan Kashmir in 2005 with 73,275 deaths of 7.6 degrees, L’Aquila Italy in 2007 of 6.3 magnitude, China Sichuan in 2008 with 87,587 dead in 7.9 magnitude in Piscu Peru in 2009 of 7.9 degrees and the Haitian with 250 people dead and Chile 7 degrees to 8 degrees on the Richter scale in 2010, by the way the Earth’s axis changed due to the latter earthquake.

According to scientists this earthquake slightly reduced the length of day and shifted the axis of eight centimeters. It is estimated that could have shortened the length by 1.26 microseconds of each day on Earth. Polluting countries, which do not comply with all the CO2 emissions of its fleet and factories driven by fossil fuels, sent into the atmosphere, were dedicated to testing new nuclear technologies in the Oceans, causing seismic disturbance. Thus, as many secret experiments conducted in the troposphere, which also has resulted, disturbances in the planet’s climate dynamics.

Food Crisis and Biofuels

Appears in the international market in biofuels technology, and starts the movement of land devoted to food production to plant in them the plants with biofuel properties. Market rules of supply and demand are imposed because it is more profitable to produce a ton of biofuels is a ton of potatoes or rice. Still, when in game the lives of millions of people, due to famine, that each day tend to be higher in the continents of Asia, Africa and America. In this decade, created the conditions, agricultural and food scientists have called the “silent tsunami”, which is nothing more than the forecast of severe food inflation worldwide product of its increasing scarcity, coupled with droughts or floods of fertile land through climate change. This envisions, facing the new decade with unprecedented famine in poor countries, whose will be helpless against this new phenomenon.

Drinking water

Conflicts over control of rivers, lakes and aquifers, were present in this decade. Million people died worldwide, lack of drinking water. Has this reality, he joined the climate change that began an accelerated melting of glaciers, which is also lost a chance to have potable water in the future because it goes to sea and polluted. The desalination technologies that turn seawater into drinking water, in terms of a bulk solution, is not available to poor countries. Scientists forecast for this new decade, there will be a decrease in rainfall. And when they occur, will be followed and focused, much more violent and more intense droughts will.All indications are that nations with military capacity are prepared in the next decade to “manage” the great reservoir of drinking water.


The twentieth century closed with 100 species in danger of extinction, the first decade of XXI Century 1500 endangered species were inventoried. Amazon deforestation, which never ceased, despite hundreds of protests and sacrifices of many environmentalists, was one of the main threats have endangered a variety of species of flora and fauna. The aggressive whaling, dolphins and tuna dramatic proportions decreased in these populations. In Asia and Africa, the inventory of endangered species was too great as we did in the Amazon. Even when the UN declared 2010 the year of biodiversity in the interest of raising awareness of the importance and need to protect and preserve all existing species on the planet, remains visible lack of political will of nations in action on this schedule vital issue.

Environmental commitment for the new decade

Lives of all who inhabit this planet is compromised. It is no longer the vision of scientists “crazy” by announcing apocalyptic events, is the cry of millions persons affected by climate disasters, famine and thirst for lack of drinking water. The evidence are overwhelming, we need a new direction from an environmental and conservation perspective, a new world order capable of genuine agreements and commitments to curb the aggression against nature and enable us to survive together in the new millennium. However, while the end of reaching agreements, if ever one day, the defense of one’s life and those around us is in the hands of each of us. What we do for them since the present will be the valid and transcendent.

Lubio Lenin Cardozo |

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